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11 Things Only Best Friends Will Understand

11 Things Only Best Friends Will Understand

If you are really lucky, you will find in this lifetime at least one person to be your true friend. And that’s priceless. To find a true and honest friendship in the sea of fake ones is truly a blessing.

Make sure to appreciate it. From time to time, tell your best friend how much she means to you—it will mean the world to her. It’s important for her to know you don’t take her for granted.

To be able to better understand the words of O. Henry:
“No friendship is an accident. ”, we give you the things only best friends will understand:

1. More than words.

You can understand each other without using words. Sometimes, just a look is enough. She can see way past your smile and your tears.

2. You don’t have to talk every day.

But, you usually do. You like staying close and share everyday things with each other. If for some reason you don’t talk for days, that’s OK—you will just continue the conversation from where you last left it.

3. Love life.

You are each other’s confidants when it comes to love. You learn from your mistakes and from her mistakes. She is the one who will tell it as she sees it. If he is not good for you, she will tell you openly.

4. Support you no matter what.

Even when you are making a mistake. She will tell you right to your face and she will tell you to stop. Even if you do not take her advice, she will support you. Sometimes you need to repeat the same mistakes a few times #just_to_make_ sure_ it’s_ a_ mistake

5. Things you do but would never say to other people.

Your phone is full of screenshots of conversations with other people. There might be some unresolved issues with another friend. But, usually, they are from an ex-boyfriend, a current crush or ‘future ex’ boyfriend.

So, when you meet each other’s boyfriends, the first thing you wanna say is “Nice to meet you. I’ve been reading all of your texts!” But clearly, you won’t.

6. Photographs.


You know your friendship is true when you have at least one of your BFF’s ugly pictures. You always threaten to use it against her, but you both know you never would.

There are also FB and Instagram photos that can’t be published without your BFF’s approval. You know she won’t let you publish something that you shouldn’t.

7. Honesty is the key.

If something didn’t feel just right, you will discuss it. You will both be straightforward and say, “You really hurt me when you…” No hard feelings. It’s the best way to keep a good relationship.

8. Keeper of secrets.

She knows all about you. Your deepest darkest secrets are safe with her. She would never betray you no matter what.

9. She’s your person.

The other part of you, your soul mate. She has your back no matter what. Whether you are right or wrong, she will be standing right next to you with the maximum support. She might tell you that you are wrong when other people aren’t looking.

10. She’s your kind of crazy.

You function on the same level of craziness. That is a mutual understanding on a whole different level. “Life is all about finding people that are your kind of crazy” and you are the lucky ones.

11. No envy.

She shares your feelings. She made you realize that it’s easier for people to be right by your side when you are sad. It’s like they could relate to sadness more.

It makes them feel better about their own lives. Only a true and sincere friend can be happy because you are happy. It shows character and it’s the most important thing.