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11 Ways The Girl Who’s Used To Being On Her Own Loves Differently

11 Ways The Girl Who’s Used To Being On Her Own Loves Differently

Dating a girl who’s used to being on her own will not be like anything you’ve experienced before.

Do you know why? Because she doesn’t love like other girls, she doesn’t behave like other girls and she doesn’t think like other girls either.

This girl who’s used to being on her own has been through pretty much in life. And all she’s been through, she went through it on her own.

She probably led a completely different life than normal girls did and she most definitely cultivated her single life. She feels good on her own.

She’s one of those girls who don’t need a man to be happy or a relationship to be fulfilled. She’s one of those who enter a relationship only when they meet someone who is worthy of them. Because girls like this never settle for less.

Your best life decision will be to date this kind of a girl because the girl who’s used to being on her own doesn’t love like anything you’ve experienced before.

Dating a girl who’s used to being on her own is such a challenge. She loves differently.

1. It will take some time for her to get used to you

She’s used to being on her own. To have someone around will be a huge step out of her comfort zone. So, it will take her some time to get used to spending time with you and actually making plans with you.

Also replying to your texts might come as a challenge at times because there will be moments where she’ll see your messages and mentally replies but will probably forget to send an actual reply.

Don’t worry, they say a human gets used to everything, so she’ll get used to having you around, too.

2. You won’t get everything you want straight away

Don’t expect to get boyfriend privileges before you actually become one. Before she actually welcomes you in, she’ll want to know you’re worthy of her. She’ll want to know you won’t mess her up and that you’re not just one of those fuckboys who use women for their needs.

As time passes and you show her you actually deserve her, she’ll let you in step by step. The key is to not push things and allow them to flow naturally. In the meantime, you can check these signs she is testing you to decide if you’re boyfriend material.

3. She’ll want to show you she’s independent

The thing she’s most proud of in her life is the place where she is now and the fact that she got there on her own. She’ll want to show you she can do things on her own, that she can handle everything life throws at her and that she is always the last girl standing.

It’s not only that she’ll want to show it to you, she will feel the need to show you she can function on her own and that she doesn’t owe you anything.

Maybe it hurts your masculinity here and there, but trust me, she needs her independence to function.

4. She’ll be stubborn

Perhaps other girls were easily convinced, but with her that won’t be the case. She won’t change her opinion just to please you and in most cases, you won’t be able to talk her out of doing some things she has already put her mind on.

She has developed very a strong intuition and that’s why you’ll often see her doing things and behaving in ways unknown to you, but you’ll just have to trust her.

Let her do her thing because in the end, even if she makes a mistake, she won’t have a problem to come and say it out loud.

5. She’ll need her space

What you must understand about her is that she has been on her own for quite some time. And now having someone who’s crowding her will be too big a change for her.

That’s why she’ll always need some time and some space to do the things she loved doing on her own. If you’re a clingy type of person, you should leave her alone.

When she gets into this state where she need her space, don’t come at her asking if something is wrong. Everything is okay.

So, enjoy having a normal girl and use this extra time to spend it with people you had in your life before she walked in.

6. She isn’t insecure

When you look at her, you’ll be able to see that she no longer worries about what you think about her makeup, the way she dresses or if you like her or not.

The most important is that she loves herself the way she is. She knows her worth isn’t determined by other people’s opinions but by her own.

That’s why you’ll never see her insecure or afraid of judgments.

She stopped allowing other’s mean words to come close to her heart a long time ago. You’ll basically be dating a girl who loves herself and that’s so rare these days.

7. She won’t be afraid of you walking away

If she falls for you, she’ll love you with all her heart. But don’t expect her to put up with hell just so she could keep you. Don’t expect her to change or be someone else just to please you.

And don’t ever think that she’ll beg you to stay. She’s done chasing people.

She won’t be afraid of you walking away. She’ll love you, but she will never make you stay—because she isn’t afraid of being left alone; she’s afraid of toxic relationships.

8. She might be intimidating at some moments

Let’s see things from this perspective: she loves herself, she has things going on for her, she made her life comfortable and her happiness depends only on her. Which man wouldn’t be intimidated at least a bit from this kind of a woman?

But this is a good thing. This is proof to you that she doesn’t need anything but support and love from you. You can be certain that if she decides to love you, it will be with all her purest intentions.

9. She’ll try to hide her weaknesses from you

Let’s face it, no human is perfect. We all have our strong sides and we all have some weaknesses.

The thing with a girl like this is that she will try to hide all her flaws and weaknesses from the world and not just from you.

It’s not that she feels uncomfortable having them, but she’ll want to hide from you that she’s human.

She’ll want a guy she loves to see her as a whole being who can overcome anything and who’s flawless. It will take some time before she realizes she can bare her soul before you without feeling uncomfortable.

10. She’ll look lost at times

Think about this: she’s been on her own for quite some time now. Love isn’t really a feeling she’s familiar with.

Okay, she’s been kind to others and she loves her family and friends, but emotions like love towards a man are not really her cup of a tea—or at least haven’t been her thing lately.

So, perhaps she might be clumsy when it comes to loving you or finding her way in the sea of emotions each new relationship carries with itself.

She’ll look like she doesn’t know how to behave and things might appear awkward for her sometimes, especially when it comes to introducing you to her friends. Give her some time to learn to swim in those waters.

11. She will never need you

This girl stopped needing people a long time ago.

So if she decides to love you, if she chooses you to be her partner, know that it’s because she thinks you’re worthy of her time, of her love, of her commitment and efforts.

Know that when the girl who’s used to being on her own chooses to love you, then you must be pretty special.

Loving her won’t be easy, but will be worthwhile. She’ll show you what a true strong girl is like. She’ll let you in only when she sees you’re fit for each other.

And with her, you’ll see what it feels like to be loved by someone who loves herself. It will be like nothing you’ve experienced before, but it will be a journey worth taking. I promise.

11 Ways The Girl Who’s Used To Being On Her Own Loves Differently