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115 Interesting Tag Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

115 Interesting Tag Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

Looking for interesting ways to spend some quality time with your best friend?

Look no more because here are 115 best friends tag questions which will help you see how much this girl really knows about you.

Your friendship

How does your BFF feel about your friendship?

1. Why am I your best friend?

2. Am I your only best friend?

3. What was the moment or the situation in which you decided you wanted to be friends with me?

4. What would you like to change about our friendship?

5. What is the thing you like about me the most?

6. What are the things that annoy you the most about me?

7. Where do you see our friendship in 10-years time?

8. What has been the happiest moment of our friendship so far?

9. What has been the saddest moment of our friendship so far?

10. What is our craziest memory?

11. Do you feel like we can trust each other completely?

12. Have you ever wanted something more than friendship with me?

13. What are the five things you would mostly miss about our friendship if we ever lost touch?

14. Can you describe our friendship in one sentence?

15. How much do you think you know me?

The two of you

How good of a memory does your best friend have when your friendship is in question?

What are the things she remembers about your relationship?

1. When did we meet?

2. How did we meet?

3. What is our favorite place to hang out?

4. What is our favorite way to spend time together?

5. What are the three things we can always laugh about?

6. What is the one thing that can always make both of us cry?

7. Where did we first travel to?

8. When did we have our first sleepover?

9. What are the first gifts we’ve given to each other?

10. What is the most precious gift you’ve ever gotten from me?

11. What are three movies or TV shows we’ve watched together?

12. What concerts have we been to together?

13. What is our favorite inside joke?

14. What are our three common habits?

15. What is the thing we mostly disagree and argue about?

16. What did I think of you when I first met you?

17. Which things about you annoy me the most?

18. What are three things I probably don’t know about you?

19. What are three things you don’t know about me?

20. Did we ever like the same guy?

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Basic info

Is your best friend your real BFF? How well does she know you?

Has she been paying close attention to the things you were telling her about yourself?

Does she know every little detail about you? Does she knows everything about your taste in music and clothes?

Does she know things about your closest family?

1. What is my middle name?

2. What is my phone number?

3. Am I an only child? If not, how many siblings do I have, and what are their names?

4. What are my parents’ names?

5. What is the color of my eyes?

6. When is my birthday?

7. What is my favourite food?

8. Which is my favourite color?

9. What is my favorite band and song?

10. Who is my favorite author, book and book character?

11. What is my favorite TV show and TV character?

12. Who is my favorite celebrity?

13. Which school subject is/was my favorite?

14. What is my favorite sport?

15. How do I like spending my free time?

16. What is my favorite hobby?

17. What is my favorite piece of clothing?

18. What is one thing I would like to change about my body?

19. What is the thing I like the most about my body?

20. What is my Zodiac sign?

21. How tall am I?

22. How much do I weigh?

23. What is my favorite place to eat?

24. What is my favorite place to hang out?

25. What is my favorite perfume?

Deep questions

What does your best friend really know about the essence of your personality?

Does she know you to the bones? Does she know all of your deepest secrets?

1. What is my biggest fear?

2. What is my wildest dream?

3. Who is my inspiration?

4. Who is my favorite historical figure?

5. What is my dream job?

6. What has been the happiest moment of my life so far?

7. What has been the saddest moment in my life so far?

8. What keeps me up at night?

9. What is my dream travel destination?

10. What would be the first thing I’d do if I won the lottery?

11. What are my religious beliefs?

12. What would I wish for from a genie?

13. Which parent am I closer to?

14. What superpower would I like to have?

15. What is my biggest goal in life?

16. Where do I see myself in 10 years from now?

17. What is my biggest, darkest secret which almost no one knows?

18. What is my biggest regret?

19. What are the things I am the most embarrassed about?

20. What has been my greatest achievement in life so far?

21. Who is the person, dead or alive, imagined or real, I would like to have dinner with the most?

22. What is the one thing I would choose to know from my future?

23. What are the qualities and the personality traits I appreciate the most in others?

24. When was the last time I cried and why?

25. What are my three most common habits?

Relationships, romance, love, sex, marriage and children

What are the things you want from a relationship? What is your taste in men?

How familiar is your best friend with your relationship history?

1. Do I believe in love?

2. What is my crush’s name?

3. What was the name of my last boyfriend?

4. What do I think about staying friends with my exes?

5. What would I do if my boyfriend cheated on me?

6. How long did my longest relationship last?

7. Why did I break up with my last boyfriend?

8. Who was the guy I’ve loved the most in my life so far?

9. Who was the guy who has hurt me the most up to now?

10. Who do you think is my soulmate?

11. Who is the perfect guy for me?

12. Do you think I’m ready for a committed relationship or I should embrace my single life?

13. Who and when gave me my first kiss?

14. What is the name of my first boyfriend?

15. Who was my first great love?

16. Who gave me my first heartbreak?

17. Where, when and to whom did I lose my virginity?

18. What is my idea of a perfect relationship?

19. What are the qualities I look for in a man?

20. Who is the guy I last kissed?

21. Who is the guy I last had sex with?

22. What was the most romantic thing a man has ever done for me?

23. What is my stand on marriage?

24. Do I plan on having kids one day?

25. How many kids would I like to have?

26. What would I like to name my kids?

27. Who is my celebrity crush?

28. What was the kinkiest, sexual thing I did up to now?

29. What is my favorite sexual position?

30. What is one thing I would never do in sex?