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15 Undeniable Signs You’ve Finally Met A Nice Guy

15 Undeniable Signs You’ve Finally Met A Nice Guy

Nice men are like comfortable heels—almost impossible to find. They are all sweet and good at the beginning, but after some time, we are waiting for a man to show his true face.

We are just waiting for them to drop the act and show us what they are really made of.

I mean, you can put up an act, but that has its expiration date. No one can fake goodness for that long.

Women with experience in the dating world have learned to recognize all the signs that are screaming he is a d-bag or a playboy. We know exactly from the way he behaves to the way he talks if he is even worth our time. We know it because we have been there before and we are not going to fall into that trap ever again.

Now, this is kind of a double-edged sword situation. Since a lot of us have been bullied with fuckboy behavior and been emotionally abused, we have a hard time trusting people. And that’s why even when someone nice comes along, we may miss him and lose him.

Our guarded behavior stands in the way of our happiness.

We are so afraid we’re going to make another mistake and we keep ourselves away from those kinds of guys, that we might accidentally and out of precaution lose the good ones.

We have a hard time recognizing the good guys because we are stuck looking for the bad things. We are so quick to classify men and put them all in one basket. That’s the biggest mistake we make, but we do it because we’ve been burnt once… but never again.

But, when we run into a good man, it’s like getting those heels that you can dance all night in and it will feel like dancing on the clouds.

So, ladies, check out some of the signs you’ve finally met a good man and not another asshole. Hang on to him because you might not get a second chance.

You’re guarded and he is patient

He knows you can’t let go right away. He knows you’ve been through a lot and he is there for you to show you support and understanding.

He won’t be going anywhere, he has all the time in the world and he is giving it to you.

He assures you your past won’t repeat itself

He reminds you of your fucked up past only to make you believe he will never do something like that to you. He won’t allow anyone to hurt you because he knows you’ve had your fair share of pain and it’s already enough.

He never sends mixed signals

He will never play hard to get. Those childish games are so beyond him. He is a real man, mature enough to act that way and to think of you as a grown-up, complete woman.

He will answer your every text and he will return your every missed call. He knows this isn’t high school anymore.

When he makes a promise, he keeps it

Empty words and promises don’t exist in his world. If he can’t keep a promise, he won’t promise you anything in the first place.

He always keeps his word and even if that doesn’t agree with his point of view, if he says it, he will keep it. You will never be disappointed.

He surprises you when you doubt him the most

You’ve got used to doubting men and expecting the worst from them because those were your experiences until now.

He, on the other hand, will prove you wrong every time you doubt him and not on purpose to prove you something, but because he is like that-perfect for you.

He isn’t jealous

He doesn’t mind sharing you with your friends. He is well aware of the fact that your life didn’t start the moment you met him and he respects that.

He encourages you to hang out with your friends and he shows interest in meeting them, too. Everything and everyone you care about is precious to him, too.

He helps you with trivial things

He will do the dishes or clean up any mess because he knows that even though it’s not a big deal, it will mean the world to you.

He never stops trying

You know that some men stop making you feel special after some time because they are sure you’re going to stay. Well, he never stops trying.

He buys you gifts and flowers because he wants to make you happy. He wants to make sure you know how much you mean to him.

You catch him staring

Even after all the time you’ve been together, you catch him staring at you like when he saw you for the first time in his life.

He tells you you’re beautiful

He makes you aware that you are the most beautiful person in the room for him, always. He will tell you are beautiful out of the blue because he really thinks and feels that way.

He never gives up on you

He always fights for you. Even when the two of you fight and you are both angry, he will cool down and reach out to you to smooth things out because he won’t let you go that easily.

You mean too much to him to just walk away.

He treats you nicely

He is always nice to you, which is kind of weird because you are not used to it. You never understood that relationships work that way and not the way you experienced before.

This is hard for you to accept because you’re always looking for a hidden motive. Well, there isn’t one.

He respects you

He will never disrespect the things you love. Even if he doesn’t like your hobbies or the kind of music you play, he will make an effort to like it.

If that fails, he will be supportive of you even when something isn’t his cup of tea. But, it’s yours and he respects that.

You realize that he changed your life

He changed the way you look at people. He gave you hope that there are still good people out there and you were lucky enough to lay your hands on one.

He proved to you that not everybody will hurt you. You see, you thought he was the same as everybody else, but he is not.

He sees you at your lowest and he still loves you

He sees your vulnerable side, he sees you at your worst and he still stays. He sees your pain and your suffering and he doesn’t chicken out, he stays and gives you a shoulder to cry on.

It hurts him, too. It hurts him to see you sad and broken. It makes him the same way. But he pulls it together and pulls you out. That is what he does. That is how much he loves you.