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12 Signs A Breakup Was The Best Thing To Do (Even If You Still Miss Him)

12 Signs A Breakup Was The Best Thing To Do (Even If You Still Miss Him)

1. Your self-esteem is back. You’re back baby! You don’t feel lonely, and you don’t question every single thing you do.

Your thoughts are in the right place. You feel like yourself again. There is no panic or anxiety.

2. You feel like you’re free. You can be still a bit sad and maybe lost.

But the general feeling that consumes you underneath everything else is the feeling of freedom. You know you have your old life back.

3. It’s been a long time since you last devoted time to yourself. When you break up with someone, you pick yourself up, and you reinvent yourself.

You try to find that something within you which you’ve lost. And then you realize it has been forever since you last did something nice for yourself.

4. You feel peace when you’re by yourself. Sure, it’s not all that peachy all the time. Loneliness is a big burden to bear, but at the same time, you sometimes feel like you’ve found your peace.

You feel lonely because you’re still hurt, and the wound is still fresh. But those moments when you feel happy about being alone are how you actually feel when you take away the sadness.

5. You know exactly what you want and where you’re headed. You have limitless possibilities stored for you in the future.

You have a clear goal, and you know that no one can mess with it; no one can stop you from achieving what you want.

6. You don’t have to make compromises you don’t want to. You can watch tv shows you like. You can eat what you want.

There are so many things that were out of reach when you were in a relationship which are now available. But the most important thing is that those things make you happy.

7. You’re laughing like you haven’t laughed in a long time. Laughter heals the soul, but while you were in a relationship, you didn’t laugh that much.

Laughing was replaced with bickering and yelling. Now that you are laughing again, you realize how much you’ve missed it.

8. The thought of getting back together makes you panic. When you break up, there are moments of weakness when you start thinking what would it be like if you were still together?

On the surface, that seems so much easier than going through the pain you’re feeling. But when you really start thinking about it, you start panicking because you remember all the bad things that happened.

There you go. Now you know breaking up is for the best.

9. You enjoy your own company. You don’t need people around you in order to be happy and feel good.

Before, you needed someone around you to enjoy yourself. Now you’d rather drink a cup of coffee all by yourself than putting up with someone else’s unnecessary presence.

10. You’re learning how to do things you know you wouldn’t have learned if you had stayed in that relationship.

You’re learning how to comfort yourself because you have no one by your side to make you feel better. You’re learning how to be happy without a man in your life. You’re learning how to be by yourself and love it!

11. You’re not afraid of change. You’re aware that it’s so much better to be scared about the future and feel a bit of discomfort because you know you’re growing than feel comfortable by staying in one and the same place.

12. You’ve gotten your own identity back. When you were in a relationship, people looked at you as part of someone else.

You are your own person with her own interests and her own personality. Now you have all of that back, and you will never give it up again.