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22 Heart-Melting Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

22 Heart-Melting Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend

If you think that bedtime stories are only for small kids, you are wrong. Adults like to hear these stories from time to time, especially when they are in love.

In that way, they feel that their partner is making an effort to keep them in their life and to make them happy.

You can probably guess that girls are the ones that like to listen to bedtime stories more than guys—even if there are guys who enjoy them as well.

These bedtime stories for your girlfriend will help you make a deeper bond with her and get to know her better.

Maybe she will tell you her darkest secrets or things that she is driven by if she feels that you are someone she can trust.

They are also good for all those times when you go to bed but you can’t sleep, so you roll in the bed and make noise so your girlfriend can’t sleep.

In that case, you can always suggest to her that you talk about something and if she is too tired for that, you can always tell her that she can be in your arms while you will tell her some sweet bedtime stories.

In this way, she will feel safe and cozy and wish that she never has to leave your arms.

So, if you don’t have any ideas how a romantic bedtime story should look, I will give you some tips.

The most important thing is that all those stories be something that it are known to her and that she can imagine herself in them.

In that way, she will be happy because you talked about something that concerns only her and that you are not just telling stories that everybody knows.

In case you don’t have inspiration, you can tell her one of the most popular girl stories.

I am sure she will be happy because it will bring her back to her childhood.

So, let’s start with a list of some of the most heart-melting bedtime stories for your girlfriend.

1. Tell her about your future together

I am sure that this one will be one of her favorite love stories. You can tell her how you imagine your future with her and how you want that to happen very soon.

This will melt her heart and she will see that you are really a man she has been seeking for such a long time.

You can mention all those things that you want to do with her and tell her that with her, you found the love you needed and that you respect the fact that she is a high value woman.

2. Tell her how much you love her

Even if she already knows that you are head over heels in love with her, it won’t do any harm to repeat it to her again.

Women like things like this because it makes them feel nice and desirable.

It will just remind her that one special man is in love with her and that among all other women, he chose her to be his life partner.

This will just show her how happy and blessed she really is for having a man like you next to herself.

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3. Talk about your relationship

Sometimes couples don’t spend enough time talking about their relationships and they have problems because one of them hurts the other one unconsciously just because they didn’t make rules about some things.

So, use your time with her and talk about the goals that you want to achieve in your relationship.

Talk about things that you would never forgive her for and let her tell you things that she would never forgive you for.

This will make a deeper bond between the two of you and bring your relationship to a whole new level.

4. Tell her that you would love to have kids with her

Every woman wants to become a mother in some phase of her life. That is a crown to her love and to her marriage with her husband.

So, if you tell your girlfriend that you want to have kids with her, you will make her so happy that she will probably cry in front of you.

Don’t be surprised because women react like this when they are thinking to have kids one day.

This will be one of the best bedtime stories for your girlfriend and I am sure that she will realize that by choosing you, she has made the best decision in her life.

5. Talk about your goals

When you are in a relationship, you need to know where it goes and what the other partner wants out of it.

So, you need to take some time and talk about your goals together.

Maybe your girlfriend wants to travel before she gets married and you want to stay where you are and dedicate yourself to your career.

So, to avoid confusion, you should talk about things that you want to do in the future.

This will show your girlfriend that you are serious about your relationship and she will be glad you talked openly like that.

6. Talk about your future home

Even if the two of you are not planning to get married soon, you can always talk about your future home.

You can listen to your darling’s wishes and you can tell some of your own.

You can hug her and tell her that you imagine a big house with a nice backyard where your kids will play and where the two of you will prepare barbecues for your friends and family.

Tell her that you will have a huge pool where you will prepare summer pool parties and listen to music together.

Tell her that a house like that won’t be just a house, but it will be a home just because she will be in it.

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7. Tell her that you are proud of her

Tell her that you extremely appreciate her strength and common sense in bad situations.

Tell her that all those good things that she is doing are qualities of a good women and that you really respect her because of that.

Show her that you believe in her and that you are so damn lucky to have her in your life.

I am sure she will be extremely happy and that she will have sweet dreams every night you tell her bedtime stories.

8. Tell her about your wedding

The wedding theme is something every girl thinks of her whole life.

So, if you tell her that you want to talk about that with her, she will be thrilled.

She will want to talk to you about the people you will invite or about her wedding dress and all those cute things that are characteristic for every wedding.

When she falls asleep, I am sure she will have a nice dream about her wedding day with the man of her life.

9. Tell her that you want to get old with her

If you tell her this, she will be so happy because you are thinking about some important things in your life.

You can tell her that you found all that you have been looking for when you met her and that there is no woman above her.

Show her that you are serious and that you want to engage her in all your future plans.

Your words will definitely melt her heart and you will make one woman very happy.

10. Tell her that you will be her support

Show her signs of true love. Tell her that you will always be her best friend and her lover at the same time.

Show her that you are not planning to run away when things get bad and that you are man enough to hold her hand in her moments of sorrow.

That will help her realize that behind those seductive eyes, there is a soul that is cleaner than any sea in the world.

It will just help her realize that she didn’t make a mistake when she chose you to be her boyfriend.

11. Tell her that there will be good and bad things in your relationship

You know that story about two small boxes? The saying says that you should open the white one when you are doing just fine in your life and to open the black one when things are not so great.

And you know what was written in both of them? “It will pass!” Tell her this story and help her understand that she should be prepared for bad things and not just good ones.

Also, tell her that you are not planning to go away from her when life gets tough and that all those bad things that might happen to you will just make a deeper bond between the two of you.

12. Talk about dividing chores in your future house

This can be a fun bedtime story for your girlfriend. You can talk about who is going to do what in your future home.

Maybe you will want to be engaged outside the house in the backyard or around the car and maybe your girlfriend will want to stay in the house, making sure that everything is tidy and in order.

You can sometimes switch places so she can be out and you can be in. Anyway, it will be a good topic for a good night.

13. Talk about moving to a new city

Nobody knows what the future will bring. So, maybe you are currently living in one place but in 5 years you will be transferred to another city.

Ask your girlfriend if she would be okay with moving far away from her parents and her friends if that means living with you.

If you talk with her about that in time, she won’t be surprised if that happens.

In this way, you will give her time to think about her priorities and things that really matter to her.

14. Talk about your fears and insecurities

It is really important that your partner knows what you are afraid of and what makes you terribly sad. So, don’t hesitate to tell her about your fears.

Feel free to tell her your darkest secrets because she is the one who has been with you in your worst moments and she will stick by you in the future as well.

Let her tell you what makes her feel sad and try not to do those things to her if you don’t want to lose her.

After you go through all those things, you will bring your relationship to a whole new level.

15. Promise her that you won’t cheat

Some things happen when people don’t think straight but you should be focused on not making mistakes that could cost you a marriage. Talk with your girlfriend and tell her that you won’t cheat on her.

And if you will say so, make sure that you think like that. Don’t just find a way to deceive her, take advantage of her and walk away.

Explain to her that you want your love to last and that you want to enjoy her even when she gets old and there are wrinkles on her face. That will mean so much to her and she will love you even more.

16. Make her laugh by telling some jokes

Every girl likes to have a guy with a good sense of humor next to herself.

So, in case you can’t sleep and you had some extra beer that night, let it loose and tell some funny things to make your darling laugh.

Once you drain her from all that laughing, she will sleep like a baby.

And yes, she will want more funny stories and jokes from you, so be prepared to find some that will make her cry from laughter.

17. If you are in the mood, talk about things that you would like to do to her in bed

Let her feel some signs of sexual tension in the air. Show her that you find her attractive and desirable and that you are not interested in any woman except her.

That will make her feel good in her own skin and she will be ready for some action under the sheets.

This is always a good topic when you are in bed with your loved one, so don’t hesitate to talk about something like that.

18. Talk about your emotions

Your and her emotions should be very important to both of you, so don’t be shy to talk about that with her.

Tell her how you feel about certain things and explain to her what you like or dislike in a relationship.

She should know what drives you and what makes you feel down. Show her how she can make you feel good but at the same time, how to satisfy her own needs.

19. Tell her that you will accept all her changes

Explain to your girlfriend that you are okay with the fact that she may become an emotionally unavailable woman during her life and that you will do everything to make her get back on the right track again.

It is very important for her to know that you will always be there and that no matter what happens, you won’t let her down.

That will mean the world to her and she will be happy for choosing a man like you to be her partner.

20. Talk about positions you want to try in bed

When you see that your girlfriend is in a good mood, you can try to talk with her about some new things that you would like to try in bed.

You two can talk about what is the best sex position for both of you and what things make you go crazy.

That will make her think about it and maybe instead of talking, she will move to action and show you what it means to have sex with a woman who is thinking in a wicked way.

21. Talk about your pasts

Your past is something that made you the way you are now, so you can feel free to talk about that with the woman you love. Tell her about your past and let her tell you about hers.

Tell to each other what things hurt you when you were dating with other women and what you are most afraid of in a relationship.

This will help her understand what things she should avoid in a relationship and if she is brave enough, she will tell you what she hates about guys.

In the end, it will be high-quality time spent with your dear and you will resolve some of the most important topics of every relationship.

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22. Tell her that you can’t imagine another woman in your life

If you tell her this, you will definitely sweep her off her feet. She will feel special and unique and she will be happy all the time.

Tell her that you already experienced a one-sided relationship and that you don’t want to repeat that with her.

Admit to her that she is giving you all that you need to be a happy and fulfilled man and that you are the happiest man when she is around you.