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13 Things Men Think About During Sex

13 Things Men Think About During Sex

What do guys really think about during sex? Are they too busy only observing your body and barely able to focus on anything else?

Or do they think about just about anything except what they are doing at that moment?

And the most important question: Do they really care about us having an orgasm?

Well, narcissistic guys certainly don’t care about us having orgasms because they are too busy thinking only about themselves.

But luckily this is not an article about them. It is about the thoughts of, let’s say, ‘regular guys’ who left their answers on the Internet.

I also checked them later with my boyfriend and he agreed with the majority of them and actually, I was quite surprised!

(Okay, enough babbling.) Here is the list of the top 13 things men think about during sex!

Do I smell?

Believe it or not, guys are actually extra worried about their odor. They are always anxious about if they will get too sweaty while waiting for you to show up (especially if you just started dating).

So, sometimes they tend to ask themselves this famous question, “Do I smell?” right in the middle of the action.

They need to reassure themselves that they did take a shower and they smell okay because they don’t want to ruin sexy time with you.

La la la (singing)

I know, I thought the same thing when I heard about this one. I mean, why in the world would a guy start singing during sex all of a sudden?

But there’s a perfect explanation for this one. When they feel that they are reaching climax, they start distracting themselves with other things and the most frequent one is singing. Weird, I know.

Play it cool and slow down

When they see you naked, their desire to skip the foreplay and ‘get to the point’ is really strong with them. It is so strong that they have to repeat in their head: “Dude, play it cool and slow down!”

No matter how badly they want it, they know that it is not really gentlemanly to behave like a savage and not indulge in some foreplay.

What are the guys doing right now?

Sometimes, when they are in the middle of the action, they get bored (just like us women) and they start thinking about what their guys are doing right then.

They get anxious that maybe their friends are having more fun than them. They simply can’t get it out of their mind and they don’t know how to tell you about that, so they proceed with the action and hope that things will end soon.

I wonder if she would like to…

Believe it or not, guys can get really insecure in the bedroom. Even though their moves might look confident and perfectly tuned, the majority of the time they actually wonder if you would like them to do something.

They get anxious about turning you off or doing something wrong that you will not be that comfortable with. So, in the end, they mostly decide to stick to their routine and not add some extra kinkiness.

Random stuff

Just like us, they also tend to think about some random stuff like football, their job, friends and whatever comes to their mind at that moment.

But this random stuff is usually shut down fast because it just comes in waves. So, after he’s thought about football for some time, he will soon switch to thinking about your orgasm and so on.

This damn condom, man!

We all know the struggles of men with condoms. During sex, they usually think about if it is slipping off or if it has ripped.

They worry so much about it that sometimes they are not able to proceed with their performance until they have made sure ( a hundred times) that everything is in order.

Also, if you’re on birth control, they will also worry about if you’ve taken your pills on time or if you’ve taken them at all.

That hot chick on TV

When guys are watching TV, they certainly make sure to remember all the important details like every hot chick on certain channels to make sure they don’t miss anything.

And sometimes when they are in the middle of the action, that hot chick on TV occupies their mind and they can’t think of anything else, no matter how hard they try.

However, we will not blame them for this one. After all, we women also like to fantasize about that hot guy who does the weather forecast but we’re just more skillful at controlling that.

Get up! Stay up!

Yup, this probably sounds familiar. During sex, guys are fighting an eternal battle about getting it up and keeping it up (if you know what I mean).

Especially if they’ve consumed too much alcohol, they are aware that their performance will drop and they will be even more anxious about it.

Boobs! Awesome

There is not a single guy out there who doesn’t like boobs. But don’t get them wrong.

Guys actually love all sizes and all shapes of them, so when they are observing and admiring them during sex, don’t think that they are fantasizing about bigger ones or thinking about their imperfections.

They are actually celebrating them in their head and taking imaginary pictures so that they can have fun later as well (when you’re not around).

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Has she just had one?

Yup, they actually really care about whether you had an orgasm or not and it is really hard for them to know so because women are not that predictable when it comes to that.

So, they need to ask themselves a few times and sometimes ask you about it because they really don’t know for sure if you just had one or if he’s hit that G-spot and made you extra sensitive.

How did I get to this?

This is a weird one. So, when a guy is finally having sex with you, sometimes he thinks about how he got to have it. He rewinds all the previous moments and scenarios in his head and tries hard to remember all of them.

Now, the question is why? And the answer is pretty simple. They do this so that they know what to do in the future to achieve the same results. Sneaky, right?

I’m the luckiest guy on the planet!

When you show them your little tricks and spice things up with a new position that you just heard about, they immediately think about you as a queen.

They feel like the luckiest guy on the planet and they can’t take their eyes off of you.

They get so mesmerized that they are unable to find the right words to let you know this so they often just continue enjoying it and say nothing instead.