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15 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She’s Giving Up On You

15 Brutally Honest Reasons Why She’s Giving Up On You

She tried to tell you. Her body and her mind screamed in agony. She was in pain and you didn’t see it. You didn’t want to see it.

She tried to get your attention with her words and body language, but somehow you always turned to the other side.

She cried and she shouted from the top of her lungs, but no one heard her.

You were so occupied with yourself that you ignored her completely. And she wasn’t even that demanding.

The only thing she wanted was for you to stop breaking her heart. You didn’t hear or see her, and yet you were surprised she decided to give up on you. Why did she do it?

1. Because she’s done being treated like shit.

She’s done being underestimated and used. It’s over.

2. She wanted to be with you.

She wanted to spend time with you, but you didn’t feel the same as she did.

You went on doing your own business. You kept on thinking only about yourself. And she couldn’t take that anymore, so she left.

3. Because she gave you a million chances before this last one.

She warned you. She tried to talk to you and you always promised you wouldn’t do anything like that again.

Needless to say, you always broke your promise and kept on doing what you wanted.

4. She left because she fought for your attention and when you are in a relationship, you aren’t supposed to do that.

You aren’t supposed to beg for your partner’s love. That should come naturally and with ease, but in your relationship, it never did.

5. She gave up on you because everything was more important to you than she was.

She was the last one on your list. You never had time for her. You prioritized all the wrong things and you never regretted it.

6. She left because she was no longer safe with you.

Actually, she didn’t even have the feeling that you were there for her and she was right. You weren’t. She was all alone.

7. Because you took her for granted and you didn’t have any respect for her whatsoever.

You ignored her feelings and you didn’t want to see how she was, on purpose. Maybe you were afraid to see the truth.

8. She gave up on you because she couldn’t trust you.

You said one thing and you did another. Your words were empty and your promises were only made to shut her up and make her calm down for a while.

And that happened over and over again. Well, now, she has had enough.

9. She left because she was all alone in the relationship.

She lived in a scenario she never thought she would.

10. Because you became strangers.

You weren’t the person she met a long time ago. You weren’t the man she fell in love with. She couldn’t recognize you anymore.

11. She left because she couldn’t hide her tears anymore.

She couldn’t stand that corner of her bed where she would crawl and hide from the rest of the world.

Her life wasn’t supposed to be marked by that lonely corner soaked with her tears. No!

12. She couldn’t take it anymore because of your guilt-tripping.

She couldn’t endure you blaming her for every single thing that happened, even when she was totally innocent and you knew it.

13. She left because she was no longer happy.

The smile on her face was fake. Her enthusiasm and her will to live slowly disappeared.

14. Because she got tired of fighting.

Because that is not what a relationship should look like.

15. She left because she realized her love was driving in a one-way street.

That is not what she wants for herself. Not now. Not ever.