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15 Cheesy Relationship Stuff Every Guy Secretly Wants

15 Cheesy Relationship Stuff Every Guy Secretly Wants

Relationships are all about keeping things fresh, surprising each other, and enjoy spending time together.

“Surprisingly,” when we think of all of those romantic gestures that are kind of cheesy or on the verge of becoming cheesy, we immediately link it with women.

Being cheesy is more of a woman’s task in a relationship because, apparently, men are really bad at initiating it.

They don’t want to appear too feminine or made fun of for wanting to wear matching T-shirts, watching the starry sky, and the like.

But, this doesn’t mean that they are not interested in it! They want it in the same amount just as women; they’re just too ashamed to admit it.

In that vein, here are 15 cheesy relationship stuff every guy secretly wants!

Posting sweet “I love you” posts on social media

Believe it or not, guys are partial to you declaring your love to them on social media.

Every guy wants other people to know that they are your boyfriend because it makes them feel powerful.

But, this is not just about informing other people about your happiness.

“I love you” posts are just irresistible to them and they are a modern way of screaming from the rooftops how much they love you.

Using cheesy nicknames

Every guy adores when you call each other by those cheesy nicknames like “honey,” and “darling.”

And if you come up with your own original nickname for them, they will be on cloud nine.

When you call them by those sweet, albeit cheesy names, they can’t help but feel loved.

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Feeding each other

How many times have you seen a couple in a restaurant feeding each other and you instantly thought, “OMG, can they be any more cheesy?”

Perhaps your boyfriend has also declared his aversion toward this one (only to defend his masculinity), but deep down in his soul he’s dying to do it with you.

Feeding each other is the ultimate sign of taking care of each other (just like when you feed babies).

It makes us feel loved and at the same time reminds us of our childhood. And guys enjoy feeling that way, too.

Creating a love map

Yup. There’s not a single guy who doesn’t enjoy traveling with their girlfriend and doing that cheesy thing called creating a love map.

To make his heart beat faster, all you need to do is take a regular map, frame it up and mark the places that you’ve visited together so far. He will just love it.

Cute messages on Post-it notes left in random places

There’s nothing more entertaining and interesting than knowing that there are tons of Post-it notes left in random places around the apartment.

For maximum effect, you should do it when he’s still asleep.

Also, you should leave them in the most random places, like under the sink, perhaps in the shower, or somewhere where he wouldn’t expect to find it.

Adorable handwritten letters

Another cheesy alternative to Post-it notes that guys are crazy about is adorable, romantic handwritten letters .

Even though we live in modern times where everything revolves around social media, every guy would actually give their left nut for a cute, handwritten letter.

They simply don’t have the courage to admit it yet.

Bragging about them

No, they don’t want you to brag about them specifically when they are not there.

They want you to say nice things about them to others when they are present as well.

It makes them feel macho and praised for being a caring boyfriend.

They feel awesome when other people know that they are perfectly capable of winning you and taking care of you.

Singing along to cheesy love songs

Ah, those cheesy love songs. Even though guys like to pretend that they hate every single love song out there (e.g. Adele’s Hello), they are actually secretly dying to sing along to them with you.

But, all they need is a little pushing and convincing that it is safe to sing along to cheesy love songs even if you’re not a woman.

Reading a bedtime story to each other

Remember how your parents used to read to you before bedtime?

Back then, it seemed normal to do so, but if you do it in a relationship, it is immediately classified as cheesy.

But, who gives a damn, right? All you need to do is pick an interesting book and read a few chapters to your boyfriend before bedtime.

And he will be more than happy to do the same for you.

Making DIY presents

Many people get frustrated when it comes to buying a perfect gift for their partner and most of the time they fail at it.

To keep this from happening, another great alternative is making cheesy DIY presents because guys (and girls) simply love it.

You can make a frame for your favorite picture and give it to him as a gift, or you can create anything else that comes to your mind. Let your creativity loose.

Compiling a playlist

Now that we’ve established that guys actually love to sing to those cheesy love songs, it is time to also compile a playlist for them – the modern version of a mix tape.

Think of the songs that you both love to listen to and add some new ones to surprise him. Believe me, he will listen to it day and night (especially when you are not around).

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Taking a class together

Yup, there is not a single guy out there who would say no to taking a class together. Whether it be a foreign language, making sushi, painting, you name it.

With a little coaxing, he will simply love the opportunity to learn something new together.

Facing your fears together

Is there something that you both fear? Guys are simply living for that moment to conquer a fear together with their girlfriends.

Be it bungee jumping, water rafting… The memories that you’ll create will stay forever carved in his mind and yours as well.

Cooking together

Even though women are those who are usually more skilled when it comes to cooking, this doesn’t mean that guys don’t like to do it – together.

He would definitely enjoy if you propose cooking something new and ask for his assistance.

Stargazing or watching a meteor shower together

Ah, stargazing… The cheesiest of them all, but the mightiest.

And if you add complete darkness, it becomes the ultimate romantic thing to any guy out there and the cheesiest relationship goal to many couples.