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5 Signs You Are Dealing With A Shy Guy

5 Signs You Are Dealing With A Shy Guy

When you look at your dating life till now, you’ve had different types of guys.

But now you’ve found yourself involved with a type of man you’ve never seen before.

He is definitely different from the others but you can’t seem to figure out his real intentions.

Is he a player in disguise? Or is he a genuinely nice guy who is actually just shy? Here are 5 ways to find out.

Check out these signs that a shy guy likes you, too.

1. He doesn’t open up much

One of the first signs that the guy you are seeing is a shy guy is the fact that he won’t tell you much about himself in the beginning.

When you first meet this guy, you’ll assume that he is mysterious and you’ll want to get through his shield, trying to figure out what stands behind his walls.

But let me tell you one thing—he is probably not mysterious, just shy. It is likely that he will open up to you more once he gets more comfortable and relaxed around you but for now, don’t expect him to reveal too much about himself.

And when that does happen, it is one of the signs this shy guy likes you very much.

2. He texts you more than he calls you

When you communicate with a shy guy, he will always prefer texts over phone calls.

This may annoy you because you like to hear the tone of his voice and you may even assume that he is a player and that he’s been texting multiple girls at the same time. But the fact is that he just might be shy.

He is actually afraid to call you because it would be easier for him to get confused during a phone call.

This way, he can say whatever is on his mind without you interrupting his thoughts and without the possibility of saying something wrong.

3. He has his own ways of being romantic

When a shy guy likes you, he won’t be romantic in the modern sense of the word or in a way you might like him to be.

This guy is probably scared of how much he likes you and simply doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions.

This man won’t express his feelings for you right away nor will he do it so everyone knows all about them. Instead, he will try to win you over in a different way and later on.

Don’t expect for this guy to make any big gestures or to make some public proclamation of his feelings for you when he realizes he is in love with you.

Instead, he will try to get under your skin slowly and in a way you are not used to yet.

Don’t expect to get fireworks for your birthday from this guy or for him to propose to you at a football game.

Instead, he will remember the little things about you and he will put a lot of effort into being romantic in his own way, when the two of you are alone, and this is something you should appreciate about him.

4. He is not into PDA

If you are involved with a shy guy, you’ll have noticed that he doesn’t enjoy public displays of affection much.

At first, you thought he had something to hide—you wondered whether he was married or if he had been seeing other girls at the same time, so he didn’t want to be seen with you.

Also, you were afraid that he didn’t find you attractive enough, even though you were just at the beginning of your relationship and this guy had no problem keeping his hands off you.

Besides, you wondered if he was embarrassed to be seen with you in public.

But later, you discovered that none of this was actually the truth.

You realized that this guy simply has a shield up when he is in public and that he enjoys keeping his private life to himself.

Of course, he will introduce you to everyone as his date or as his girlfriend and he may hold your hand or give you an occasional kiss but that is it.

This man will never be all over you unless the two of you are alone and that is something that reflects his shyness.

5. He is old-fashioned

One of the first things that will probably knock you off your feet when it comes to this guy is his manners.

When you get to know most shy guys, they are actually true gentlemen.

This guy will probably be old-fashioned and he will ask for your permission before doing something he is not sure you are OK with.

He may kiss your hand, open the door for you and he will definitely never cross your boundaries.

At first, this may be something you will have trouble getting used to but it will definitely be refreshing and he will definitely make you feel like the lady you truly are.