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This Is How You’ll Recognize A Broken Man With Emotional Baggage

This Is How You’ll Recognize A Broken Man With Emotional Baggage

When you hear about broken men, you assume that you would be able to recognize them right away, at first sight. You assume this kind of guy could never fool you and that at least your intuition would tell you something was wrong.

But trust me—that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you first meet a damaged guy who carries a lot of emotional baggage within himself, you will have no idea about everything he’s been through. Instead, he will act like any other guy.

Actually, he even might act better than any man you’ve met before him. You might think you’ve finally found the man of your dreams and that he is everything you’ve been waiting for.

But as time goes by, you’ll see some signs he is broken. You’ll see that there is something bothering him, deeply hidden inside of him. And you’ll try to figure out what this is.

Although every individual is different, all broken men have some things in common.

First of all, this guy will probably be mysterious with you. He will be secretive about his past and about his emotions.

At first, you’ll assume he is just pretending to be this tough guy and that he might not be in touch with his feelings. You’ll think that he is afraid of looking too desperate and less of a man in front of you and that is why he pretends to be cold.

But you’ll try very hard to get to the bottom of this. You’ll want to know what is hiding behind this mask and you’ll want to meet the man who is hidden deep inside of this guy. You’ll want to meet the real him.

And even though his mysterious side should chase you away, it will actually draw you even closer to him.

You’ll see that this guy is cold toward everyone and you’ll have the urge to change that. You’ll have the urge to prove to him and to yourself that you can become special to him—that you can be the only person in this world he trusts and can open up to.

You’ll think he is special and his love is special, because he apparently isn’t giving it away to just anyone who comes into his life.

Even when you accept that he is emotionally damaged, you’ll want to prove that you are the only one worthy of his love and trust. You’ll want to prove to yourself that you have a special place in his life, that you are different from everyone else and that you’ll manage to do some things nobody before you has.

You’ll never know much about this guy’s dating history, about his traumas from the past, about his trust issues, his insecurities or his anxiety and depression.

Whenever this guy feels bad, he’ll want you to stay away. He might simply disappear on you, wanting some time for himself because he feels like he can’t trust anyone and that he can solve his problems on his own.

Although at first this guy might pretend to have high confidence, the truth is that deep down, he feels he is not good enough for you. The truth is that he is emotionally insecure and that he compares himself to every other man but he just tries to mask it.

You’ll never know his weaknesses and you’ll rarely see his vulnerable side. You might think he is ashamed to show you this side of his but the truth is that he is scared.

This guy is terrified to give you his heart and to open up to you, because he is certain you’ll use all of this against him, despite the fact that you’ve never done anything that could make him think or feel this way.

I know this is the last thing he wants you to know but the truth is that this man suffers from abandonment trauma. The truth is that he was hurt and damaged in the past and he lost trust in people, especially women.

It’s simple—he assumes that every woman who comes into his life will break him even more and will hurt him the same way someone toxic from his past did.

So he created a shield, a facade to protect himself from everyone, which made him emotionally unavailable.

And you’ll have to be pretty damn special to change that.