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15 People Share What Was The Very Last Text They Sent To Their Ex

15 People Share What  Was The Very Last Text They Sent To Their Ex

When it comes to modern dating, last texts are like last words you and your ex-share when everything has already fallen apart.

Exes are usually left without a reply and maybe it’s better that way—there is not much you can say to soothe a broken heart.

People are sometimes even unaware that their last text is actually their last because they didn’t anticipate that their ex will pull a disappearing act.

Even though their better judgment is telling them not to send anything, they do it anyways. This is how some of those texts looked and why they sent them in the first place:

“ Stop texting me!”

worried young woman looking at phone

This was right after I blocked my ex on my phone and all my social media accounts.

He cheated on me and he was constantly texting or calling to say how sorry he is, that it was a mistake, a one-time thing, a slip.

Yeah right, a slip? You don’t just slip on top of somebody else.

Kirsten (28)

 “I can’t believe that the same man who cried as we were saying our goodbyes is the same man who forgot all about me as soon as his plane landed. You must be a really good actor to pull that off. Don’t even try to justify yourself. I heard you are back with your ex. You know, the same one you labeled as manipulative and crazy. I hope you marry her. You two deserve each other.”

angry woman looking at phone

It was a long-distance relationship and he came to visit me in the new city I was living in. We had a perfect 7 days together.

Shortly after, my friend sent me a photo of him and his ex-kissing in the club right next to her. I admit that I regretted this text, But after he texted back explaining that it must have been some mistake, he proved that he was nothing more than a lying, manipulative bastard. I never replied to any of the texts he sent after that. I am done hearing lies.

Kate (25)

 “I miss you.”

sad man texting

It was a drunk 3 am text to my ex-girlfriend. We had broken up a year before and for a good reason, so it was totally unnecessary to send that text.

But I guess alcohol makes you emotional.

David (24)

 “You really are a heartless bitch.”

young bold man texting

She just packed up her things and left. No explanation, no goodbye, not even a note. I came back into an empty apartment.

And a few days after, I sent this. If she didn’t want to say anything, she shouldn’t deny me that right.

Jack (27)

“Do you have a new girlfriend?”

young woman texting

I already knew that he did. I just wanted to hear it from him. I know it sounds stupid, but he moved on so fast after we broke up, I just had a hard time dealing with it.

This was my way of saying, “Do you know just how much you have hurt me?”

Angela (22)

“I need space. I hope you will understand and give me a chance to figure it all out.”

young man texting

My ex-didn’t understand. Instead of giving me space, she just texted and called until I would reply.

We were constantly fighting and I had to deal with her jealous outbursts.

When she became more obsessive after this text, I knew that I had to get out of that relationship immediately.

Aron (31)

“You broke my heart. There’s no going back after that.”

sad woman holding phone

To my ex on his text about wanting to get back together. I still cared, but there was no way I was going to let him hurt me again.

I barely survived the first time.

Mery (23)

 “Can I come over?”

smiling man texting

I got no reply. It was late at night and it was an all or nothing booty call. Guess, she saw right through me.

I can really be an ass at times.

Matt (26)

“Can you just fucking reply? “

serious man looking at phone

She just wouldn’t answer a simple question. I was frustrated and angry because it was her fault we broke up, not mine.

I never sent her a text again. When I cooled down, I realized that I can’t force her to talk to me. I let her go for good. Still, I don’t get her at all.

Ben (30)

Go fuck yourself.

serious blond woman texting

Not really ladylike, but he had it coming. I don’t want to go into details. Let’s just leave it at that.

Caroline (24)

 “ I still care. It’s still too fresh. We can’t be friends right now.”

sad young woman texting

We weren’t friends after this text either. At that time, I was still in love with him and I didn’t want to fake friendship.

As time went by, I realized you can’t be just friends with someone you once loved—there is no point. We should have been more, but we weren’t. Let’s just leave it at that.

Meriam (24)

Thank you for breaking me. Thank you for showing me that you were never the man I thought you were. Thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you for showing me that my life can be happy when you are not a part of it. Best of luck but as far away from me as possible. Goodbye forever.”

sad woman sitting on the couch and texting

I think it’s all pretty clear.

Kaylee (28)

 “ I hope you are happier. Regardless of everything we have been through, I still want what’s best for you.”

young man with hat texting

I sent this to my ex when she found her current boyfriend. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

But she was still in my mind—and probably in my heart back then. I couldn’t help myself.


 “Watch me!!!”

young woman lying and texting

It was a reply to his text which, in a nutshell, claimed that I can’t be happy without him.

He kept on sending texts after that but it was pointless. I never replied. FYI—I am happy now, and I couldn’t care less if he knows it or not.

Lin (27)

“Leave me the fuck alone!”

serious young man texting on phone

She was obsessively jealous the entire time we were together. After we broke up, she harassed all my female friends, accusing them of sleeping with me.

She showed up at my work and at my front door. She would call me non-stop and text some nonsense, even though I never texted back.

This was after a 4 am call I didn’t answer. I blocked her everywhere. She completely lost it.

Jason (28)

15 People Share What Was The Very Last Text They Sent To Their Ex