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Never Give Up These 8 Things For A Man, No Matter How Much You Love Him

Never Give Up These 8 Things For A Man, No Matter How Much You Love Him

Love is beautiful. Love is inspiring. But love shouldn’t be the only thing that matters to you in life (no matter what they told you in movies or in books).

Real life is something completely different and sometimes you have to do things that are necessary in order to preserve the balance.

Being in love doesn’t mean giving up on your career, friends, or morals only to appease your partner.

There should be a strict line between love and other things in your life because otherwise it is easy to lose yourself and neglect other equally important aspects of life.

And if your partner doesn’t understand it, it means he’s not worthy of being with you.

Real men don’t force their women to abandon everything for them, to fit their norms, and treat them as their only priority.

Real men understand the need for other things in life besides love. They encourage you to stay true to yourself.

After all, doing everything and anything for love is the biggest shortcut to dissatisfaction and ultimate disaster. And that is why you should never give up these 8 things for a man, no matter how much you love him!

Your career

woman typing on laptop

Gone are the times when women were expected to be only in the kitchen, waiting for their men to come back home, and be obedient in everything.

Back then, women didn’t really have a choice, but today, things have changed.

If your man wants to sabotage your career by telling you that you should stay longer at home to spend more time with him, you should definitely not even consider it, no matter how much you love him.

If you are passionate about your job and your man is trying to convince you to quit, you should really think about ending things with him instead.

Your friends

group of friends laughing outside

You should never take your friends for granted once you’re in a relationship or start dating someone you really like.

Remember that your friends were there for you when he wasn’t and you are not obliged to spend all your free time with him.

If he starts complaining that you’re spending more time with your friends instead of him, even though you know that this isn’t true, don’t fall for that trick.

Listen to your gut and stay genuine to your beliefs, regardless of what he says to you. Because giving up on your friends for love should never be a question.

Your morals

woman refusing an alcohol drink

If you’re strictly against drugs or something else, then you shouldn’t date a person who isn’t.

You should never change your morals only to appease someone whom you barely know, and you should not pretend that you’re okay with anything they do that contradicts your values.

If you don’t feel comfortable with something your partner or date does, you should not tolerate it only to show them how cool or open-minded you are.

You will be more cool if you tell them that you’re not okay with it and stand up for yourself because you respect yourself and your morals more than anything else.

Your independence

Business woman reading news on the web

Don’t ever give up your independence once you find yourself in a relationship.

You should be able to take care of yourself physically and mentally, and not rely on your partner more just because he might seem more dominant.

If he’s earning lots of money, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bother working.

There will be times when you will have to survive on your own and there will be times when you will have to do something that your partner used to do for you.

That is why maintaining your independence is essential if you want to preserve your happiness and well-being.

Your identity

sad woman holding smiling mask

Never, ever change your personality, no matter how much you like him. Many women make this one crucial mistake where they start to pretend they enjoy doing something only for the sake of getting his approval.

Changing of your identity for someone else can have serious consequences on your life as a whole.

You don’t want to be something you’re not and you don’t want to be loved for who they want you to be and not for who you really are.

Always be careful of what you’re doing and for whom you’re doing it. If the majority of things you’re doing are only to please your partner and collect their likes, then your relationship is neither healthy nor genuine.

Your style

smiling woman looking at her self in mirror at home

If you’re thinking of getting a new haircut or buying a new dress only because he asked you to do it, do yourself a favor and don’t.

Similar to your personality, if you’re not comfortable with something your partner proposes you to do, you shouldn’t have to it.

Never change your personality or style only to impress him; this will turn you into something you’re not.

You will lose your original identity, which, once lost, is really hard to retrieve.

Your body, your hair, your preferences – these belong to you. Only you know what you really want and what’s best for you.

Your self-respect

colleague arguing at office

If your boyfriend insists that you should do something for him or gives you commands, remember that he is just your boyfriend and most certainly not your boss or in a position to give your orders.

You are an independent woman and self-respect should always be your priority.

If he orders you to do something, tell him to do it himself because you’re neither his maid nor servant.

Once you lose self-respect, it is really hard to gain it back. You should never be afraid to simply say “no” when you feel like it.

Your dreams

Woman standing in front of the window and drinking tea in the morning

If you’re dreaming about having a big family or moving to a specific place, you should not let your partner dictate the outcome of it.

If you know what you want, you should never give up on your dreams just because he doesn’t approve of it.

Your dreams are a part of you and if you abandon them, it means abandoning a part of yourself.

Giving up on your dreams means giving up on your happiness, and no man has deserved such a thing.

Never Give Up These 8 Things For A Man, No Matter How Much You Love Him