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15 Signs He Is The One You Have Been Waiting For

15 Signs He Is The One You Have Been Waiting For

Whatever you do in your life, there is a constant feeling that you need to find the right one for you.

The fact that all your friends are getting married and some of them already have kids is something that is not helping you at all.

You feel it is burning under your feet, and you ask yourself if you are going to find a soulmate.

Here are the 15 signs telling you he is Mr. Right. So whatever you do, don’t let him go—because he is a keeper!

He supports you

No matter how your dreams are unrealistic, “the right one” will support you in making them come true.

When you are sitting home late at night, studying for your exam or preparing an important business project, your man will be there to help you.

Even a cup of hot coffee is great if he can’t do anything else. His effort is what counts the most.

He listens to you

When I say he will listen to you, I don’t mean that he will nod his head as a sign of approval, but he will really listen to your problems and try to find solutions.

A true soulmate will always remember everything you have to say, no matter how bad it might sound.

He trusts you

You will know that you found your perfect partner when a night out with your friends won’t be a problem for him.

A man who doesn’t let you go alone is a real control freak and no woman can feel comfortable in a relationship like that.

You don’t have to be together all the time

You don’t have to listen to all his wishes and do whatever he wants. Maybe sometimes you would like to stay home and just watch TV.

If he wants to go out with his friends, that is totally okay but if you don’t feel like going out, you should tell him that.

If you decide to go with him even if you are not in the mood, you will have a lousy evening. So, it is up to you!

You miss him when you are apart

Sometimes you will be fully dedicated to your private and business obligations and finding time for your partner will be a mission impossible.

Don’t worry—if you have a real man, he will understand that it is not your fault.

Instead, he will find a way to see you and let you know that no matter how much mess is in his head, he has time for you.

When something new happens to you, he is the first one you call

Whatever happens to you, your partner will be there to listen to you.

If bad things are happening to you, he will be your support and if good things are present in your life, he will share your happiness.

Your happiness is his happiness

If you are not happy, he won’t be happy as well. A true man will help you to overcome your problems and if you have a lousy day, he will do everything for you to feel better.

He is honest

If you look lousy in that new dress, he will tell you the truth. His intentions are not bad—he just wants you to look good. You should respect a man who does all these things.

Also, he will be honest about your friends and admit you that he ate that snacks you are looking for at midnight.

He is your lover and a best friend

Except for all that amazing sex, he will be there for you, acting like your best friend.

In the end, you will realize that you have 2-in-1 combo– a lover and a best friend. Someone is lucky here!

He pushes you forward

If you look back, you will see that he was the only one pushing you forward all this time.

He will be the one holding your hand while you are climbing the stairs to success.

He is patient

He will stay put with you no matter what happens. If you are not prepared for some things in your life, he will wait for you.

This is the best sign of his tremendous love that he feels for you.

He surprises you

You know those little surprises? He really puts effort into every single one of them.

The most beautiful thing that can make his day is your smile.

He has his heart on his sleeve

He is always open about his feelings and admitting to you what he feels doesn’t make him less mainly. In fact, that is the manliest thing he can do.

You feel so connected to him

You’ve never felt so connected to anyone this way before.

That’s why you need him to be close to you and to walk with you through life. He is your best friend, your soulmate.

You like his kisses

Even just a little kiss from him makes you feel absolutely loved and satisfied.

You like to feel his lips on yours and feel that smell that is making you insane every time he comes close to you.

Yeah, the sparkle is still in your lives, so be smart and keep it alive.