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15 Surefire Signs You Will Never Get Married And Why That’s Perfectly Fine

15 Surefire Signs You Will Never Get Married And Why That’s Perfectly Fine

Back in the past, every person’s final purpose in life was to find a suitable spouse and start a family.

Whoever didn’t manage to do so was considered an outcast, and everyone thought something was wrong with them.

It didn’t matter whether you were successful in other life fields; if you’re a loyal friend, a great worker and a kind person in general—if you didn’t have a family of your own (which had to include a husband or a wife), you had nothing.

Married couples were a privileged part of society, while single women and men were looked down on. 

Well, luckily, all of that has changed. Today, the decision that you are never going to marry is not a big deal.

In fact, more and more people start noticing the perks of a single life and make the choice of never saying: “I do”.

But how can you know if you’re one of those people and whether being single is the right thing for you? 

Just read the following signs, and if you can relate to most of them, it is pretty obvious that you’ll probably never get married.

However, the best part is that there is nothing remotely wrong with that.

You’re a loner

According to many studies, sadly, the number one reason people get married is completely and utterly wrong.

No, they don’t experience a moment of epiphany in which they know they’ve met the right one, and they don’t do it out of love—they do it out of fear of solitude.

They see everyone around them settle down, and at one point, they become terrified that they’ll end up alone without anyone to grow old next to.

When this happens, all the criteria disappear. Many become desperate and take the first person they run into straight down the aisle.

Well, this is where you’re different. It is not that you despite company, but to be honest, you’re quite a loner.

Yes, you have plenty of friends and family members you hang out with. However, you appreciate your personal space and time too much to start sharing it with another person, despite the love you might feel for them.

You have your own habits and routines, and you don’t allow anyone interfering in your schedule.

Knowing all of this, it is clear why you enjoy your single status and make the best out of it.

You not having a romantic partner is not something life circumstances imposed on you—you embraced your single life because you consciously chose it.

Your independence is crucial

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always been self-sufficient. You knew you were more than enough, and you never needed another human being to give your existence meaning.

It is not that you’re incapable of loving—you simply don’t have a habit of hanging on to one person and allowing your entire world to collapse once they disappear.

Instead, you know you can make it on your own, no matter what happens.

You’re an incredibly independent person who doesn’t need anyone’s guidance. And when I say independent, I mean truly independent on all levels: financially, emotionally, socially…

Ever since you were a little kid, you haven’t expected anyone to do your work for you, to resolve your problems or to get you out of trouble.

You are not the type of person who is constantly looking for a shoulder to cry on or needs someone’s assistance when it comes to choices you makes.

You might listen to someone else’s advice, but you’re always the one who has the final say regarding all decisions in your life. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to stand having someone tell you what to do.

You don’t need a leader or a tutor because you’re capable of achieving everything you’ve set your mind to without anyone’s help.

More importantly, you couldn’t imagine your life deprived of this independence which makes up a crucial part of your personality or having to give someone a chance to limit your freedom in any way.

You don’t believe in true love

If we put things honestly, the truth is that you don’t believe in love.

At least, not in the all-consuming, unconditional, romantic love which lasts a lifetime and has the power to defeat any obstacle appearing in its way.

You don’t perceive it the way it is presented in romantic comedies: as this omnipotent force nothing and nobody can destroy.

You don’t believe in the concepts of soulmates, true love, and twin flame connections.

You’re just too practical for these beliefs to guide you through life. You’re not romantic, and you’ve never dreamt of meeting your other half.

Of course, you believe that people can care deeply about each other. However, according to your views, there is always a little selfishness in every romantic love, and that is not something you want for yourself.

You believe in mutual respect and appreciation. You think that two people can function together if they’re compatible and convenient for each other—not because a chemical in their brains and butterflies in their stomach told them they should.

Therefore, for you, the concept of forever and “until death do us part” is just a fairytale which is impossible to maintain in real life.

According to your views, people get sick and tired of one another sooner or later but remain married because they have nowhere else to go.

And if that is the point of marriage, you’d rather pass it by.

You’re surrounded by negative examples

Another thing that might be the reason why you don’t want to get married lies in everything you see wherever you look.

You don’t see love and respect. You see people living their lives in misery; you see serial cheaters, abusers…

Maybe you’re a child of divorced parents. It is possible that you spent your entire life looking at the two of them arguing but remaining together just because of that piece of paper.

Or you keep noticing how both your female and male friends suffer in marriage.

You see that married couples either end up with a nasty divorce or with the silent resentment of two people who can’t stand each other but don’t leave.

Either way, to you, it appears that marriage equals unhappiness. 

After everything you have witnessed, why would you believe that you can have it any other way?

And why would you put yourself out there when you clearly have zero chance of succeeding?

You are scared of change

Maybe this is something you wouldn’t admit to anyone, including yourself, but the truth is that deep down, you’re terrified of any unnecessary change.

You enjoy your life just the way it is, and you love being stuck in your comfort zone.

Marriage would inevitably make some crucial differences in your everyday existence.

Whether you like it or not, you would have to adapt to this new person who has become a crucial part of your life now.

That is what scares you the most: having to modify yourself just to please someone else, having to change your daily habits and customs to fit the other person in, not being able to make important decisions without consulting them… and the list goes on.

It’s not only that. You’re also repulsed by the idea of bringing some minor differences to your life such as having to clear space in your clothes closet for your marital partner’s clothes, disturbing your sleep schedule or seeing your friends less often.

Someone might call you a coward, but you hate jumping into the unknown.

You don’t know how well you could get by in this new union, and you would rather remain blissfully uninformed than give it a shot in marriage and fail.

You hate weddings

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female: both boys and girls have dreamt of their wedding when they were kids.

Most of us imagined the wedding dress or tuxedo we’d be wearing and how that magical moment under the aisle would look.

Well, you didn’t. Moreover, you’ve always despised even being invited to weddings.

You see them as unnecessary and in most cases, tacky, and you don’t see the point in spending this happy day surrounded by, among others, random friends and distant family members whom you couldn’t care less about.

You consider the wedding day a source of stress for the newlyweds. 

Will they be able to afford everything? Will all the guests be pleased?

Will everything go as planned? 

Not only that, you were never into proposals either. You never saw any romance in a man going down on one knee and buying a ring he can’t afford just to pop this infamous question.

Who would consciously choose all of this just to make an impression? You surely wouldn’t, even if your life depended on it.

Well, have you ever wondered if this is not just your hate towards the wedding day itself?

Could this be your subconscious repulsion towards the entire marriage thing and a subtle sign you don’t want to get married?

You are not traditional

As a matter of fact, you were never into tradition and customs either. You saw no point in people following the habits of their ancestors practiced decades or even centuries ago, without any logical reason.

You’re not someone who blindly follows stereotypes, and you do everything in your power to avoid blending into the masses.

Your life decisions have nothing to do with societal standards and norms, so you never get pressured into doing something you actually don’t want just so you won’t be called a weirdo.

Therefore, you’re not afraid of anyone judging you or commenting on your life choices just because you decide to remain unwed.

You don’t care about other people’s opinions and expectations and don’t let them guide you.

Consequently, you don’t think that finding a life partner and having kids should be every person’s final goal and purpose in this world.

You have no problem whatsoever in remaining alone, even though that would contradict all the norms you were raised in.

You don’t believe in the institution of marriage

For you, a legal marriage represents literally nothing. It is just a piece of paper which has no worth whatsoever. 

If you love someone and that someone loves you back, you can spend the rest of your life together, without having to fill out that formality and sign that piece of paper.

This way, if you ever decide to split, you can just walk away from each other, without making a big deal out of it and without engaging in different legal procedures which make the entire process harder than it should be. 

The last thing you want is having to run to courtrooms and divorcing your spouse in front of the entire world, besides going through a painful heartbreak. 

Besides, you think that the institution of marriage is nothing but a social fabrication which has no real point.

You don’t mind living unwed with your loved one and never going down the aisle. 

You don’t want kids

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not in everyone’s blood to want to have heirs. Some people don’t want kids, and that is their right. 

Even though you might not still be 100% sure about this decision, the truth is that you were never the children type.

You thought that this natural instinct would come to you with time, but that isn’t happening. 

You simply love your life enough that you don’t want to change it. You don’t feel the need to have a child and don’t think you would be a good parent. 

Some might call you selfish, but you have the right not to want to be responsible for bringing another human being to this cruel world.

Besides, being honest about this is way better than having kids just because society, your family or your significant other expects you to and then making everyone’s lives a living hell. 

Of course, you don’t have to get married in order to reproduce. You can always be a single parent or have kids with someone who won’t be your spouse. 

However, having this kind of attitude can also be a red flag that you’re not marriage material and that you couldn’t imagine yourself living a happy, married life.

Nevertheless, if this turns out to be wrong and you do find a person you want to grow old next to, make sure you have the same desires and future goals regarding children (and everything else) right from the start. 

You’re looking for the perfect person

Another one of the signs that you’ll never get married lies in your high standards. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not accusing you of being too picky.

I’m just pointing out that you have some deal breakers when it comes to the person you see as marriage material, which is a good thing. 

After all, this is someone who should be your life companion through good and bad days, and the person whose face will be the first thing you see for the rest of your life.

So, it is completely natural for everyone to be extra careful when choosing their marital partner. 

You’re someone who refuses to settle for less. You don’t want to get married to someone you’re not compatible with nor are you ready to end up stuck in a loveless marriage. 

Instead, you’re looking for the perfect person who can reach all of your standards and criteria. Yes, there is a possibility of never finding someone like this, but that is a risk you’re willing to take. 

After all, you’re perfectly aware that it is always better to remain single until the right person comes along than to waste your time and energy on the wrong people.

You would rather grow old alone than catch yourself wondering if you’ve destroyed your entire life by making this bad choice. 

You run away from commitment

In most cases, people who are repulsed by the idea of marriage are commitment-phobes. And if you’re one of them, it is a clear sign you will never settle down, simply because you see it as your biggest nightmare. 

Monogamy and committed, long-term relationships scare the hell out of you. You feel trapped and caged at the mere thought of having to spend the rest of your days next to just one person. 

Instead, you prefer open relationships and casual hookups. You enjoy the type of arrangements in which you hang out with the other person whenever you feel like it.

You two have a good time, but neither of you are burdened by things such monogamy or commitment. 

If this is something you can relate to, it is more than clear that marriage is simply not for you.

Don’t get me wrong—not being able to devote yourself completely to another person is your right; you just have to be completely honest about it in time, instead of leading someone on, assuring them they’re in a healthy relationship while they’re actually dealing with a hidden commitment-phobe. 

You’re haunted by past traumas

Usually, people who decide that they are never going to get married are the ones who have had a shitty love life up to this point.

If you went through a horrible breakup, if you’ve been played, abandoned or cheated on, it is normal that you’ve lost faith in love and that you see red flags everywhere you look. 

Back in the past, you were a hopeless romantic who put love in first place. Making your romantic relationship work was your number one priority.

There was no doubt that you want kids, and there were no signs of the horrible breakup that happened afterwards. 

However, out of the blue, your entire life collapsed. The person you trusted the most and someone you thought was never going to hurt you caused you a shattering heartbreak which left inerasable consequences on you even now. 

After all this time, you’re still haunted by your past traumas and demons, which you can’t seem to get rid of.

Ever since all of this happened, you haven’t had a healthy relationship because whenever you meet someone new, you see the warning signs of their toxicity, even when there are none. 

So, you can’t help but think: “Why get married?”, when you’ll only end up disappointed, betrayed and heartbroken one way or another. Isn’t it better to enjoy all the perks of being single?

Your career and social life come first

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that you can’t be both career-oriented and have a successful family life. However, the truth is that one has to suffer for the other.

Well, that is what you want to avoid because for you, your career and social life always come first.

You want to progress and be the best at what you do, and you enjoy spending time with your friends more than anything.

Basically, you have all your priorities straight, and the last thing you need is someone interfering with them.

You don’t want to dedicate your entire life to having a spouse and children without the possibility of putting all of your energy into your work.

Therefore, you would rather remain a single woman or man than getting yourself into a situation where you’re torn between your career and your marriage.

You don’t want to pick because you’ve already made your choice.

You’re not willing to compromise

When you’re in a long term relationship, let alone marriage, you simply have to meet the other person half way if you want things to work out.

It would be unfair if everything goes your way while the other person blindly obeys everything you say and do.

Well, you’re simply not capable of compromising and changing your lifestyle to please someone else, as much as you love them

Some might call you selfish, but the truth is that you live your life under your own terms.

You have your own rules you follow, and you don’t want to put an effort into finding common ground with your significant other.

You put your own needs in first place and don’t want to be bothered by satisfying someone else’s. And as long as you’re honest about it, it is perfectly fine to behave in this manner.

You simply don’t want to 

The last sign you will never get married lies in the lack of desire you feel for it. There is no special reason for your repulsion towards marriage.

You simply don’t see yourself functioning in married life, and you were never drawn to the idea of marriage.

You don’t mind being in romantic relationships, but you never wanted to get married. 

At first, you thought that this desire will come with time as you grow up and become more mature. However, that never happened.

If this is something you can relate to, I’m begging you not to do anything you don’t truly want, just because “that is how things should be”.

Don’t judge yourself for feeling this way, and have the courage to live your life the way you want it, instead of sentencing yourself to misery.