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Stop Having Relationship Problems With Someone You’re Not In A Relationship With

Stop Having Relationship Problems With Someone You’re Not In A Relationship With

Having a problematic relationship is awful.

Being with someone who hurts you every day and not getting along with your partner are two of the things which can stress you out to the point where you simply don’t know where you’re headed with your life anymore.

Besides, it makes you feel miserable and you see no way out of this situation.

But let’s face it—no relationship is perfect and we have all had problems with our romantic partner at some point in our life.

Although these problems shouldn’t become standard, the fact is that they are a part of life, even though they don’t make you feel the best.

But you know what shouldn’t be natural and normal? You know what is way worse than having relationship problems with your partner?

It’s having relationship problems with someone you’re not in a relationship with.

When you find yourself in this type of situation, you are probably getting all the negative sides of a relationship.

You feel like you are taken, like you can’t flirt with other men and like you can’t meet anyone new. You get the part where the guy you are seeing is jealous.

You get the fights, the arguments and the nagging. You get the crying and the annoying parts.

You get the part where you compare yourself to all the other girls near this man you are involved with.

You get the part where it is expected of you to be there for him whenever he needs your presence.

You get the part where you know you love this guy, even though he obviously doesn’t love you back because he refuses to label things and because he refuses to commit to you.

And most of the time, you really feel like he is your boyfriend.

After all, when you are together, the two of you act like a real couple and you have all the problems of a relationship.

But the difference between this type of a relationship and a real romantic relationship is that you don’t have the good parts.

You don’t have someone to be your partner in any sense of that word. You don’t have someone whose hand you can proudly hold in front of everyone.

You don’t have someone to cuddle with you until you fall asleep. Someone to kiss you good morning or to send you a goodnight text.

You don’t have someone to go with you to weddings and other important occasions.

You don’t have someone to surprise you on your birthday at midnight. You don’t have someone to celebrate New Year or Valentine’s Day with.

You don’t have someone to wait for you on your doorstep when you get home from work exhausted and tired.

You don’t have someone to take care of when you are sick or just to be there for you when you need someone to talk to.

You don’t have someone who is only yours. You don’t have the faithful and loyal man you need.

You don’t have someone you can introduce to your friends and family. You can’t say that you are in a relationship.

You don’t have your other half or your plus one. No, you don’t have either of these things when you are single either.

But when this is the case, you know that you are on your own in a romantic sense and you don’t have the stress which this almost relationship brings with it.

You also know that you are available for other men and that you can put yourself on the dating market whenever you feel like it.

So if you think that your almost relationship is worthy of all the troubles you are experiencing, read all of this and think about all the negative things it is bringing you and think of all the positive things you are deprived of.

And I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

I’m sure you’ll see that you are wasting your time on someone who doesn’t want to commit to you and that he’ll probably never change his views.

You’ll see that you are actually trapped in a relationship without labels, when that is the last thing you want.

You’ll see that you deserve someone who will proudly call you his girlfriend. That you deserve someone who will be yours and who will love you for real.