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16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

I love food. Period. Now raise your hand if you love food, too! (This was a silly question). I mean, who could resist that heavenly pizza feeling when the string of cheese stretches all the way to your mouth? And the thought of crispy chicken wings gets you every time, and it makes your heart beat faster within seconds.

How did food capture our taste buds?

Back in the past, food’s primary role was nutritional, and people didn’t pay too much attention to its flavours or whether it was perfectly cooked. Food was only seen as fuel because without it, our body cannot function. But today, food has been converted into an emotional satisfier; it has become some kind of a hobby or even artistic activity.

The primary function of today’s food is to be enjoyed. It doesn’t matter if it is unhealthy or if it has some other negative consequences on your health because as long as it is TASTY, you’re good. And that’s totally understandable.

I mean, food is supposed to be enjoyed, and your taste buds have certainly deserved to be surprised from time to time with different spicy, sugary and creamy pleasures. But, the problem arises when food becomes too much of a priority for you and because of it, you start neglecting other things only to devote your full attention to food.

This greatly influences your willingness for socializing, getting work done and especially exercising. And that is why most of the time you feel like you’re lacking energy and motivation to do anything else that has nothing to do with food.


1. You always have something to eat when watching TV shows or movies.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You cannot imagine a movie night without snacks, drinks and other guilty pleasures that satisfy your soul. Sometimes you plan your potential meal for weeks in advance when your favorite show is about to get started. And when someone mentions a movie night, the first thing that comes to your mind is the type of food you’re going to enjoy.

2. Your social networks are littered with pictures of food.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You have more pictures of lunches than pictures with your favorite people. And every time you get your meal, you have this uncontrolled urge to take a picture of what you’re going to eat.

You simply cannot fight it, and people around you have got used to it. They know they cannot start eating before you’ve taken pictures of all of the meals in front of you. And this has become your little routine.

3. Food is the first thing you think of when you’re feeling down.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

When you’re sad or something pisses you off, the first thing you do is to find something to eat because you’re convinced that food is the only cure for your troubles.

And the moment you taste your favorite ice cream or other delicious treat, you instantly start feeling better. Food is your number one shoulder to cry on, and you couldn’t imagine it otherwise.

4. Food is the main weapon of manipulation in your household.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

If someone wants you to do something, they will blackmail you with food because they know how much you love food, and you will be unable to say ‘No’ regardless of circumstances. Food also becomes your weapon of choice when you have to blackmail someone else because you’re assured that they are all attached to food just as you are.

5. When you’re invited somewhere, the first thing that comes to your mind is – food.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

When people invite you somewhere, you’re not concerned with how many people will be there or what kind of activities you’ll be doing. Your main concern is what kind of food they’re going to serve. And sometimes you ask them, only to satisfy your curiosity and to be at peace knowing that they are going to serve your favorite dishes.

And days before the event, you even start daydreaming about the moment when you’re going to taste it. When the day comes, you almost forget to greet people when you enter because you’re too occupied with scanning all of that food waiting to be enjoyed.

6. You always eat while you’re driving.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You cannot imagine driving a car without having something to eat. It doesn’t matter if it is a sandwich, chips or candy. All of a sudden you become extra multi-tasking. You can steer the wheel, eat the sandwich and change gears all at the same time.

You even find time to complain about the amount of air in that chips bags and the wrong topping on your pizza. And once you reach your destination, you realize that your T-shirt is covered with food stains.

7. You’re obsessed with culinary shows.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You follow culinary shows on 65 different channels, and you’re still searching for the right one. You enjoy the preparation of food more than you enjoy having sex.

All of these ingredients joined into one are mesmerizing to watch to the extent that you even suppress your urge to go to the bathroom. You simply cannot miss any of it because every single move is equally important.

8. You’re constantly thinking about what you could eat next.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

Throughout your day, you pay too much attention to what you eat and what you will be eating. While you’re eating Chinese, you’re contemplating about what you could eat next. And you will not stop thinking about it until you’re moved to your next meal.

Then you will find something else that will capture your heart and distract you from your daily struggles. And when the day is finished, you always remember what you’ve eaten but you somehow cannot remember other things someone asks you about.

9. You’re obsessed with recipes.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You cannot remember the last time you’ve read a book because you’ve been busy reading all of these recipes and searching for the perfect one. You spend a large amount of time comparing recipes and talking about them with others.

When you find a mind-blowing recipe, you feel that you’re obliged to inform all the people you know about it because for you, this is a breakthrough. It feels like you’ve just discovered something big, and you want to share it with others.

10. You eat when you’re not hungry.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

For you, eating has become like breathing. You feel like you can’t function if you haven’t eaten all of the things you’ve imagined eating that day. Most of the time you eat even though you’re not hungry, and if someone asks you to do something, you’ll ask them to wait because you have to finish your meal first.

11. You hide food from others.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

When you see that there’s only one piece of something left in the fridge, you cannot help yourself from hiding it from others so that you can eat it later. You will do this even though you know you’re the only one eating it because you’re anxious that someone might change their mind and eat it before you.

Also, when you buy your favorite food, you hide it from others because you wouldn’t survive opening the fridge to realize that someone else has eaten it before you.

12. When you see food, you lose control.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

Before food is served, you are having a conversation with others, laughing and talking about the activities and devising plans. But, the moment you see food on the table, you become numb, and the only thing you can think of is to start eating it until you’ve eaten it all.

Sometimes you force yourself to finish it because it’s so delicious even though you’re already full. After that, you have a guilty conscience, but this only lasts for a minute.

13. You don’t bother dieting.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You are aware of your situation, but you still don’t bother dieting because food is your number one priority, and nothing can beat that. You don’t care about dieting because you don’t care about dating either.

The only thing you care about dating is the food that the two of you are going to enjoy. And you hope the person you invite on a date is a food lover same as you are because you couldn’t imagine talking about anything else besides food.

14. You find excuses only to go home and eat.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

When you’re out with your friends or you’ve decided to hit the gym with them, you excuse yourself by inventing an urgent situation only so you can go home and eat in peace. Or you simply tell everyone that you’re tired, and you’re about to go home soon to rest.

And you even convince yourself that this is true, and you don’t feel guilty for not finishing your exercise because you know you’ve tried, and it’s not your fault because food is stronger than you.

15. You spend more time thinking about food than your job.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You have your job only to be able to buy food. Period.

16. “I could’ve eaten that” doesn’t exist in your dictionary.

16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You

You eat everything that comes to your mind without thinking about the possible consequences or that you should be doing something else instead. You always make sure that you don’t look back in disappointment, thinking you could’ve eaten something.

Your motto is ‘Eat it now or cry later’, and you never miss the opportunity to convince everyone that it is so. When you look back at your life, you only see pictures of food in your head popping out.


16 Signs Food Is Too Much Of A Priority For You