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7 Ways In Which You Accidentally Sabotage Your Relationship

7 Ways In Which You Accidentally Sabotage Your Relationship

1. Control mode ‘ON’

It’s only natural to have control over your own life, but you can’t control your partner’s life or every little thing that happens to you.

Thinking too much ahead and trying to predict every possible situation will be too much for anyone to handle, and your partner can easily feel burdened to live by your regulations and wishes which will ultimately make him run for the hills.

2. Brushing things under the carpet

You expect things to sort themselves out. You don’t want to deal with issues your relationship comes across. You just brush them under the carpet and pray that they’ll magically disappear.

They never do; they just get bigger and bigger as time goes by. Don’t be afraid to face them. If you allow your problems to pile up, your relationship will inevitably break.

3. Always right

Even though facing your problems is a good thing, you shouldn’t create problems where they aren’t any.

Your way of seeing and dealing with things doesn’t always have to be right. Acknowledge the other person, and take their thoughts into consideration. Listen before you act, and try to see the bigger picture.

Relationships are about togetherness, not about a division between who’s right and who’s wrong.

4. Comparing your relationship to the ones of your friends

Your friend just told you how her boyfriend bought her some amazing gift or planned a trip for two of them, and you feel like your boyfriend should do the same. So you start to feel like you are missing out in your relationship.

In reality, that could be the only decent thing your friend’s boyfriend did in their entire relationship while yours is thriving in some other areas already.

People are different; relationships are different. Try not to compare things. Pay more attention to little big things your boyfriend might be doing for you on a daily basis.

5. “ An eye for an eye…”

Revenge is never a good idea. If you’ve talked things through with your boyfriend, if you’ve decided to forgive him for something, leave it at that.

There is no point in getting even, no matter how big or small his mistake was. Be the bigger person—forgive. Because revenge is an endless circle, and there is no happiness there.

6. There is such a thing as being too honest

Too much of a good thing will send you on a wrong path. Although honesty is always the best way to go, there are some things that are better left unsaid.

Your partner might mistake your brutally honest sentences for insults or attacks. It’s ok to hold some things to yourself, especially the ones that can hurt your partner’s feelings.

7. Clinginess

Half of all women get unjustly accused of clinginess, and half of them actually are. Determine which side are you on, and be honest with yourself.

You should have your own life and not everything should revolve around your partner. If you notice that you depend on him for all sorts of things or expect him to make you happy, you might be clingy, and it’s time to change that.