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24 Fascinating Things Guys Are Insecure About (That You’d Never Guess)

24 Fascinating Things Guys Are Insecure About (That You’d Never Guess)

1. Your previous boyfriends. Men feel they have to live up to your expectations.

They believe you’ll compare them to your exes which puts huge pressure on their performance and their behavior in a relationship.

2. Their looks. Did you think only women care about how they look and see just flaws on their body?

Men do that, too. I can’t even tell you how many times my guy friends asked me for style tips and advice on how to look better or what to wear.

3. You checking out other men. Well, this is proof that men have double standards.

It’s okay for them to check out other women and you’re not supposed to be bothered with that because, well, they are guys and they have to do it.

However, when the roles are reversed, when you check out another guy, the level of insecurity in a man hits the roof.

4. Previous sexual partners. There are men out there who can’t stand the fact their girlfriend had sexual partners in the past.

They want to be the only one. What is that if not clear insecurity?

5. Not being able to support you financially. Most men associate their masculinity with their ability to support their partner financially.

They think they are not man enough if they can’t earn enough money for you to be taken care of.

6. Being skinny. Skinny people have the same issues as fat people.

Why is it okay for someone to walk up to a really skinny person and say to their face they are really skinny and ask why they don’t get fat?

It’s the same as walking up to a fat person and asking them why they don’t lose weight.

7. Their penis. Which length is appropriate, what is too big and what is too small?

They are the questions men are bothered with and the questions to which they will never get concrete answers.

8. Being sensitive. It’s not a secret that women prefer men who openly talk about their emotions.

Being sensitive is an advantage but what you never thought of is that most of them are very scared to open up because they fear they’ll cross the line.

They are afraid of saying too much and being left because of it.

9. Bedroom skills. Especially when they are with someone for the first time.

That first performance matters despite the myth that it is okay to be a bit clumsy because you don’t know exactly what that person wants and likes.

At the beginning of a relationship, you don’t talk about that stuff so much, so it’s normal that you’re clueless.

10. Their personality. Just take a look at any self-help guide for men and you’ll see how big of a deal the issue with personalities is.

Guys are afraid they aren’t interesting or fun enough. They are afraid the woman they’re with will soon get bored and leave.

11. Being single for a while. We all know that one guy who is the last one among his friends without a girlfriend or a wife.

Well, he isn’t having the best time ever, even if he’s cheering for staying single and without commitment.

What actually goes around in his head is he’s scared of dying alone and he’s wondering what’s wrong with him since he’s the last one still single.

12. Not being ‘manly’ enough. Not all guys enjoy sports or similar ‘manly’ things.

Some would rather sit and watch a movie or a TV show than football.

That doesn’t make them less of a man but not feeling pressure about it presents a big problem to a man like that.

13. Having man boobs. Yes, that’s a real thing and yes, it presents a huge complex to men who have that problem.

There are men who work on their bodies and are in great shape with six-packs and bodies to die for but the man boobs just refuse to go away.

14. Having erectile dysfunction. That can happen to any man and it’s every guy’s biggest fear.

15. Being in control of their life. Actually, this is closely related to being able to support someone financially.

So it goes without saying they want to be able to support themselves, too.

They don’t want to depend on anyone or ask anyone for any help, especially the financial kind.

16. Losing their hair. It’s less stressful when men start losing their hair at an age appropriate for that to happen but when younger men, men in their thirties or even younger, start losing their hair, it creates insecurities and self-hatred.

Every man fears that happening.

17. Not being tall enough. Or being too tall. Usually, girls look for men who are a bit taller than them but not too tall. Men know this.

18. Having to dance. A lot of men don’t like to dance and they avoid it at all costs.

Frankly, they have the feeling you’re killing it out there while they look like they’ve been fighting with diarrhea while dancing.

19. What their family thinks of them. What guys think of other guys doesn’t matter that much.

Their biggest worry is what women and their own family think of them.

If you don’t believe what I’m saying, just take a look at how many marriages have fallen apart because of the meddling of the in-laws.

20. Other guys of the same age. Men compare themselves to each other, especially men of the same age.

If most of them have a family or a great job, then the ones who don’t have that will feel bad because they have the feeling they should be on the same level as other people of the same age.

21. Commitment. Sadly, this is true. Actually, men are afraid of being alone and of commitment at the same time, which makes no sense whatsoever.

22. Being confident after being cheated on. After being hurt, it’s hard to get back out there because you’re expecting bad things to happen to you once again.

23. The number of women they’ve slept with. This can go both ways.

It can be too many, which gives the impression of these men being womanizers or it can be fewer, which puts an element of doubt on their performance.

24. Being liked. Like any woman, a man would also like to be popular. Every person has the need to be socially approved, it’s in human nature.

If you think men don’t have this need, you’re wrong. Everyone feels the need to be loved.

24 Fascinating Things Guys Are Insecure About (That You’d Never Guess)