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An Open Letter To Nurses Everywhere: Happy International Nurses Day!

An Open Letter To Nurses Everywhere: Happy International Nurses Day!

There are two words nurses around the world don’t hear often enough: THANK YOU.

This is a thank you letter for the strongest and yet most delicate women out there.

It is absolutely incredible how one human being can carry so much strength to be able to physically and psychologically deal with the challenges of taking care of sick people and at the same time be soft and emotional enough to help them through their most difficult times.

Thank you for choosing this job. Thank you for tirelessly taking care of us.

Thank you for your kindness and for always putting your patients first regardless of the personal struggles you’re carrying.

If you ask any dictionary, a nurse is a person trained to give care to people sick or injured.

To me, and to all of us out here, you are so much more.

Every person seeks the path of making a true difference in this world and you are the ones who truly do it – you make our lives better and easier.

You are the first person to hold us when we are born and you’re the last person to hold us when our souls leave our bodies.

This letter is written during the Covid-19 pandemic that has disturbed the whole world.

Nurses everywhere are giving their everything to deal with the horrors the malicious virus imposes on people’s lives.

You, nurse, are endangering yourself and your family by bravely accepting to carry your heavy load and do your job the best way you know how to.

You, dear nurse, haven’t been able to go home and hug your children for weeks now because you’re afraid that, with all the love you’re going to give them, you’re also going to give them this aggressive disease we all fear.

You work long shifts without eating, drinking, or relieving yourself, and you do it fiercely, making sure you’re still kind to all the patients who rely on you for comfort and care.

You see people dying every day, unable to say goodbye to their families, listening to their heartbreaking last words they mutter out to their loved ones over the phone, and you can’t stop the tears from running down your face.

There’s pain burning inside your chest that you have to ignore because so many people need you right now.

You’re hoping, you’re praying all this will end soon and we’ll all go back to our lives as we know them.

Thank you for being our front line fighter.

Thank you for fearlessly fighting for all our lives and our well-being.

Thank you for loving your job and choosing to do it every day, even though it’s possibly the hardest job on this planet.

I want you to know that we see you and everything you do for us.

I hope to make you feel less alone and forgotten in your little quest of saving the whole damn world.

To this day I remember the words of the nurse who delivered my first baby.

Her motherly voice lingers in my ears like a lullaby: “You are incredible. Just keep on going. We’re almost there.’’

That’s exactly what I’m telling you now. We’re almost there. You’ve got this!

We all believe in you and appreciate every second you put into helping us.

If heroes exist, you, nurse, are the only true hero this world has and needs.

Thank you,

I salute you for choosing to live your life for others.