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4 Reasons Why Breaking Up With Him Was The Best Decision Of Your Life

4 Reasons Why Breaking Up With Him Was The Best Decision Of Your Life

One thing is for sure: breakups are never easy, even when you are the one walking away from a relationship.

Leaving someone you love behind, knowing it is something you have to do for your own good, is one of the toughest choices you’ll have to make.

However, when the initial pain is over, you come to realize that it was actually one of the best decisions of your life and here are 4 reasons why that is so.

1. You’ve seen your strength

If it hadn’t been for this breakup, you would have never had the chance of finding out how tough you actually are and how much you can take.

You would have never seen your true strength and all the potential you have in yourself.

They say life gives us exactly how much we can take.

Nevertheless, sometimes we wrongly assume that something we can survive will crush us completely.

This is exactly what happened to you.

You were convinced that walking away from the man you still loved would spiritually kill you, where in fact, you got out of it stronger than you’ve ever been.

This breakup helped you become your own hero and savior.

It helped you see that you don’t need anyone to complete you and that you can always rely on yourself to make yourself happy.

2. You’ve learned what you deserve

While you are settling for less, you never have a chance to realize what you actually deserve.

That is why you have to move away from everyone who’s holding you back for you to understand what it is that you truly want and need.

That is exactly what you’ve done – you broke up with a guy who treated you poorly and that widened your perspective.

It helped you learn what it is that you don’t want and what type of guy isn’t cut out for you.

It helped you see that you are made for bigger things and a better man.

And this would have never happened if you hadn’t made the right choice of leaving him.

3. You’ve opened up a path to the right guy

You might not believe it now, but the truth is that somewhere out there exists a man who is meant to be yours.

A man who will reciprocate all the love he gets from you and who will always treat you right, no matter what.

Somewhere out there, a man who is your soulmate and forever person awaits you.

However, you could never have given yourself a chance of meeting someone for you, let alone having a healthy relationship with him, if you hadn’t ended things with your ex.

After all, you can never meet the right guy until you get rid of the wrong ones.

So, basically, when you broke things off with this man from your past, you cleared the way for someone new – for a man in your future who is right around the corner.

4. You can focus on yourself

Remember how much energy you’ve been wasting on making your relationship work?

How many sleepless nights have you spent racking your brain thinking about where you stand and where all of this leads?

Remember how much time you spent waiting for this guy to change his ways?

For him to become the man you deserve and for your relationship to finally move from a dead spot?

How much energy you wasted on fighting his battles and trying to chase away his demons?

On trying to drag him up from the bottom and save him, even though he obviously never wanted to be saved?

How much one sided-effort you wasted on something that was doomed to fail from day one?

How overwhelmed and consumed you were in this toxic relationship? How it was draining you for years?

Well, luckily for you, this has finally come to an end.

Now you have all of this time and energy on your hands that you can use the proper way –to make yourself a better person instead of trying to fix something that was broken beyond repair.

Most importantly, now you have all of this love you’ve been giving to the wrong man and you can redirect it into loving yourself more than ever.

4 Reasons Why Breaking Up With Him Was The Best Decision Of Your Life