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4 Reasons You’re Going Back To Him When You Know You Deserve Better

4 Reasons You’re Going Back To Him When You Know You Deserve Better

Have you ever been in a situation where you keep going back to the same man who’s hurt you more than once?

When you keep getting yourself trapped in a relationship which you know is doomed to fail and has no future whatsoever?

The worst part is that you don’t know why you’re doing this. You don’t know how you manage to drag yourself into this endless circle without a way out every single time.

Well, we’re here to give you answers to your questions. Here is exactly why you’re going back to him, even when you know you deserve better and why you shouldn’t continue doing so.

You’re afraid you’ll end up alone

Even though this is the last thing you’d probably ever admit, the truth is that you’re probably stuck in this toxic relationship because you’re used to having a man next to you, even if that man is giving you a bad headache.

You’re terrified that you’ll end up alone for the rest of your life if you cut all ties with him and that is not something you’re ready to do.

Single life might look scary for someone who’s been in a relationship for a long time but trust meit’s way better than it sounds. More importantly, it’s way better than a crappy relationship.

Besides, being single and being lonely are two different things.

Even if you leave this guy’s sorry ass, you’ll still have your job, friends, hobbies and family. And most importantlyyou’ll still have yourself.

You have history together

The number one reason why people constantly go back to their toxic partner is the fact that they’ve been together for ages. And this is exactly what’s happening to youyou’re sorry for all the years wasted next to this guy but you don’t want all of your time or efforts to be in vain.

Well, let me tell you something: you don’t have to be with a guy just because you have history together.

Remember that your present and future are always way more important than your past.

You can’t live off memories forever and it’s time you stop hoping that things will go back the way they were in the beginning because they obviously won’t.

You think that every next guy will be the same as your ex

Another reason why you might be going back to your ex even though you know you shouldn’t is the fact that he has managed to persuade you that you’ll never find someone better.

You see, this is exactly what emotional manipulators dothey don’t give up until they convince you that you’re not meant to be loved and that you’ll never find anyone else.

Taught this in your horrible relationship, you assume that every guy you meet will be just like your ex.

So why bother even trying to look for someone new, if you’re just going to go through the same shit you’re already going through?

Well, let me tell you that none of this is true. Not everyone is like your ex and if you constantly go back to this guy, you’ll never have a chance to meet someone more suited to you.

You’re afraid of the unknown

Despite all of his misdeeds and everything you’ve been through next to this guy, we have to admit one thinghe is familiar to you.

With time, all of these hot and cold games, all of these break-ups and getting back together, have become your comfort zone and you don’t have the strength to abandon that.

You’re anxious about getting back in the dating pool and you’d rather stay next to an old enemy than look for someone new.

If nothing else, you know what to expect from this guy, you know his flaws and negative sides and nothing from him can surprise you.

You don’t think that you’re mentally strong enough to put up with someone new and to put the effort into getting to know him.

Big mistake! With this attitude, you’re only hurting yourself.

After all, what do you plan on doing? Keep on living like this forever just because you don’t have what it takes to jump out of your comfort zone?

Instead of being a coward, take your life in your own hands and do the brave and the right thing!