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4 Struggles In Life That Ultimately Make You Stronger

4 Struggles In Life That Ultimately Make You Stronger

We all face tough experiences at some point in life. Some people get a bit luckier and they seem like they are always getting the winning cards, while you get dealt a terrible hand.

It’s easy to start feeling bitter towards people who seem to be getting it all. The truth is that everyone is struggling with something.

The difference is how each individual comes out of that situation – does that struggle beat them down, or does it make them stronger?

We all have a choice in our lives; we can ignore the experience and what it’s trying to teach us, or we can use it to help ourselves become better and stronger.

Here are some examples of struggles everyone goes through but which will make you understand your worth and to know how to take care of yourself.

Letting things go

Sometimes letting someone or something go is the hardest thing to do.

It feels like ripping a part of you out.

Even if the thought of living without someone seems like the right thing to do, every time we try to do it, it becomes impossible.

You feel pressure in your chest and you even start crying. Understand that it’s natural.

You’re not the only one. It has happened before, and it will happen again.

After you finally let that person go, no matter how hard it is, you come out stronger.

You understand that you were strong enough to let go, and you will be able to do it again if necessary. You understand that with closing one door, another one opened.

Toxic relationships

Going through a toxic relationship can be the best experience you can have, but why?

Because no matter how hard it was to come out of it alive and sane, the aftermath of it will force you to take a look at what role you played in that relationship, how you behaved, and what path you’re going to choose in the future.

You certainly will not be willing to go through all of that again and you’ll be smarter when choosing your next partner.

You’ll be able to recognize the parts of you that need to be changed, and the ones that need to be healed before trying again.

That relationship that failed miserably and made you go through so much shit, turns out to be a pretty valuable experience after all.

Quitting your job

Not everyone has the luck to find the perfect job right after finishing college.

Loads of people are forced to work at something they find exhausting, boring or frustrating.

Some people think they’re not good enough for something better and thus stay in that suffocating environment and just blend in. Others will eventually quit.

Does that mean they’re quitters? Losers? No, not at all.

Quitting a job you hate can be the best decision you ever made, even if it doesn’t seem like the most rational one at that moment.

The truth is that by quitting you actually give yourself a confidence boost, an additional motivation.

Why? Because you’re saying, “You know what? Fuck this! I deserve better.”

It’s empowering to take responsibility for your well-being and leaving something that makes you worth less than you actually are.

Just make sure that you have a plan in place to financially survive until you find something that suits you better.

Facing a tragedy

There are things in life we simply can’t control and that is probably the worst part.

The instant shock of losing a loved one or facing illness in the family can devastate us, especially if we don’t have anyone besides us to support us.

While it takes time to figure out where you currently are in life, and how to continue living without someone or something, you will ultimately learn how to understand and deal with situations you have no control over, and you will use the skills for other things in life, too.