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The Best Revenge Is To Simply Be Happy

The Best Revenge Is To Simply Be Happy

A smile on your face and happiness in your soul is the best revenge you can ever have. Trust me. It might take some time to realize it but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The best revenge is not putting your emotions out in the open. Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing how much they hurt you.

Don’t fall into a trap of feeling sorry for yourself – that won’t bring you anything good. Take control over your anger and pain and don’t fly off the handle.

The ultimate revenge is when you no longer feel the need for revenge at all. Revenge will only make you bitter and depressed.

There is no happiness in getting back at someone. It just makes things more worse than they have to be. It holds you back instead of letting you progress and recover from all the pain that you are holding in.

You have to know that there are no easy fixes. Finding someone new just to get back at them is never a good idea. It’s mainly not fair to the other person involved and it’s not fair to you.

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It only seems fake and like you are going out of your way to prove to them that you can be with someone else. You shouldn’t have a need to prove anything to anybody but yourself.

The only one you should concentrate on is ‘you’. Mend your heart. Invest in yourself. Make yourself proud.

You are the one who is important. The ones who hurt you are irrelevant. That’s just the way things are supposed to be – you first and them nonexistent.

Holding on to revenge does more harm than benefit. Your will for revenge gives them a power over you which they shouldn’t have.

Remember, it’s all about you and not them. Look at your life from another perspective, see how your life can be better without them in it. Find your inner peace.

Follow your passions. Let your dreams become reality. Work on yourself for yourself. Simply be happy. It will drive them crazy.

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Find things that interest you. There must be some things you always wanted to do but never did. Now is the right time.

Make plans. Make goals. Pursue them. If you see they are not working, then make new ones and just go.

Don’t waste your time on revenge. Everybody gets what they deserve – life takes care of that. Take your life into your hands. Let the past go.

It only ruins your future if you hold onto it. Let the revenge go. Ignore the ones who hurt you; they are no longer part of your life. Enjoy your life without them.

When you finally get into a state where you don’t care anymore, that’s when you win. Let your happiness speak for itself.

The Best Revenge Is To Simply Be Happy

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