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4 Things She Got Back When She Lost Him

4 Things She Got Back When She Lost Him

When you lose a person you love and a person you think loves you, your world collapses.

You think about all the things you’ve lost together with this person and you see nothing good in this happening to you.

And that is where you are wrong.

When someone toxic leaves your life, you actually get much more than you’ve lost.

I know things don’t seem like this in the beginning but as time goes by, you will start to see the bright side of it.

You will start to realize why this toxic person walking away from you is actually the best thing that could ever happen to you.

This is a story about a girl just like you.

A story about a girl who thought her world tore down when she lost the man she loved. But in the end, she was the one who won.

1. Her dignity

The first thing this girl got back after the guy who didn’t deserve her left her was her dignity.

The truth is that she always allowed him to diminish her and to humiliate her in every way possible. And not only that—she also continued to do it to herself.

This relationship made her lose her pride. She became a girl who begged for someone’s love and attention.

She became this desperate girl who chased a man who refused to give her his heart.
But things are now different.

She is back to being the girl she used to be and she has made the decision to never allow anyone else to play with her.

2. Her confidence

Besides her dignity, another thing this toxic man tried to take away from her was her confidence.

When she comes to think about it, he spent most of their relationship insulting her and making her feel insecure and like she wasn’t enough.

And at first, she didn’t believe him because she knew he was only doing it to cover up his own insecurities.

But with time, he got to her. With time, he lowered her confidence to the point where she started doubting every move she made.

He did it to the point where she started doubting herself and her worth.

But when she finally got rid of this guy, she regained her confidence and her self-worth.

It took her some time but now she believes in herself again and there is nothing and nobody who could change that.

3. Her friends

The truth is that while this girl was with in a relationship with this guy, he became the center of her world.

She became completely focused on him and disregarded everyone else in her life, including her closest friends and family.

Yes, she knew that this was a bad idea and that she shouldn’t live like that.
The truth is that, in the beginning, she really wanted to spend most of her time with him. She had eyes for him only and she didn’t think she needed anyone else.

And with time, she got bored of this kind of relationship. She wanted to hang out with her friends and she felt the need for other people in her life.

But that was when he got possessively jealous and when he literally forbade her to hang out with anyone besides him.

He brainwashed her into thinking that none of her friends were good for her and that he was the only one who deserved a place in her life.

And sadly, she believed him.

After the two of them broke up, this girl was too ashamed to approach her old friends, although this was the time when she needed them the most.

But with time, step by step, she reached them. And luckily for her, they accepted her back as if nothing had happened.

And this is something she’ll always be grateful for.

4. Self-love

Have you ever loved someone so much that you had no love left for anyone else, including yourself? Have you ever loved someone who made you hate yourself?

Because this is exactly what was going on with this girl.

The truth is that she didn’t love herself while she was with this guy. Because if she had, she wouldn’t have put up with him treating her like this.

And this took her a while to understand.
But she finally did.

And she finally regained all the self-love he made her lose.

Don’t get me wrong—she didn’t become a selfish or egocentric person. She just learned to take care of herself and she learned to finally start putting herself first.