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4 Types Of Guys You Should’ve Given A Second Chance To

4 Types Of Guys You Should’ve Given A Second Chance To

When you look at your dating history, you can find some guys you tried dating but you two never made it to something serious.

And you were the one who didn’t want to give these guys a chance and who ruled them out as your potential partners right from the start.

But sometimes, you simply can’t make a judgment about a guy until you get to know him better.

There are some types of men who deserve a little more of your time, energy and patience, and here are 4 of them.

The shy one

If a shy guy has ever liked you, you know that he probably wasn’t direct in showing his affection to you.

Maybe you noticed him sending some signals to you and you wondered if he has feelings for you, but you were never really sure about it.

Eventually, you got tired of waiting for him to have the courage to take the first step and you simply moved on with your life.

But I am here to tell you that maybe you should’ve given this guy a second chance because shy guys usually have a lot to offer.

They just need some more time to reveal their true selves. I am not telling you that this guy was perfect for you but this way, you’ll never know because you never gave him a real chance.

The friendzoned one

Remember that guy who was always your best friend but deep down, you knew he wanted something more?

This guy probably never really acted on his emotions and even when he tried to give you a hint about the way he feels about you, you would stop him right there.

The truth is that you never gave this guy a chance because you were afraid you two would ruin your friendship, and you really enjoyed having a male best friend.

You’ve never put an effort to look at this guy as the man he really is. Instead, you just thought of him as ‘one of the girls’.

But this guy was a part of your life for ages and that means that the two of you got along pretty well.

Besides, you obviously liked his personality as long as you were friends with him. So maybe you should’ve given him a chance to become something more to you.

The one who was ready to commit

Nowadays, we’ve all gotten used to guys who play mind games and send us mixed signals. Sadly, we’ve started thinking that this is how things should be.

So when you met a man who started talking about labelling things and about commitment right from the start, you had the urge to run away from him.

He simply scared you away with his big plans for the future and you weren’t ready for something serious at that point.

You thought that walking away from this man was the only option you had.

But maybe you could have just asked him to take things a bit slower instead of immediately leaving him.

This guy only wanted to know where he stood from the beginning. He obviously didn’t want to play any games with you and that is something worthy of appreciation.

The too clingy one

The truth is that we all want a man’s full attention—until we get it.

When you meet a guy who gives you all of his time and attention, you won’t be too happy about it.

Instead, you’ll assume that this guy is too clingy and that he might be too jealous in the future.

And although you might be right, this can also be the type of guy who deserves a second chance.

I know you enjoy having some time for yourself and that you don’t like someone constantly calling and texting you.

Also, he was simply not interesting for you because he gave you all of his time and attention right from the start.

But maybe you should have told him how you felt and what the problem was. Maybe you should have asked him to give you some space before you crossed him out for good.