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5 Fantastic Comebacks For An Overly Flirtatious Guy

5 Fantastic Comebacks For An Overly Flirtatious Guy

Have you ever met a guy who just can’t resist a cheesy pick-up line, no matter how corny he sounds? Yeah, me too. Too many to count.

But instead of just a mean rejection, I find it refreshing to deal with it by using a dose of humor.

So, instead of a harsh comeback that will come off too abrasive, I use funny remarks that are at the same time fun but also clear and make him see I’m not interested.

There’s a fine line between a mysterious flirt and a totally annoying douchebag.

When you feel that line is crossed, use some of these lines that will help you get rid of the guy, without being too rude about it.

When he uses the ‘’Oh, I know where I’ve seen you before – in my dreams!’’ pick-up line

man flirting with woman in the club

Guys truly overuse this one. They must think it makes us ladies feel special or something, but in reality, it has become really old and lame, and no girl with any self-respect will ever fall for this.

The best reply for this is: ‘’That’s weird because it feels more like a nightmare.’’

This will show him he’s not dealing with just any chick, but one who is not afraid of pointing out how weak and unimaginative his line is.

He’ll probably find it funny, but he’ll get the point and get out of your hair. If he wants to impress you, it’s going to need much more work.

When he uses the ‘’Damn, girl… you just took my breath away.’’ pick-up line

man flirting with woman on the motorbike

It’s weird that any guy still actually believes this will work on women.

Nothing like a good, old breath line. If a guy approaches you with this, don’t be afraid to be very clear about your thoughts.

You can say this: ‘’That’s unfortunate… because yours is pushing me away.’’

This might make him feel a little uncomfortable, but hey, you’ve got to be honest. It might make him think next time he tries to approach a woman without using a mint and not-so-fresh breath.

When he uses the ‘’Oh shit, I lost my phone number, can I have yours?’’ pick-up line

man flirting with pretty woman in red dress

This guy will usually wait until he sees you using your phone before he approaches you with this dated, corny line.

If he actually goes through with it, here’s what you should answer with: ‘’911.’’

This is straight to the point and really funny! He’ll most probably find it amusing and laugh, realizing what a foolish way to pick you up that was.

This is probably not the guy for you if he’s still using this line, but you can share a laugh, if nothing else.

When he uses the ‘’Where have you been all my life?’’ pick-up line

man flirting with woman in the pub

This is in a way a well thought-line simply because by asking you a question, it requires an answer, so he’s guaranteed some communication, as short as it might be.

If you’re not interested, simply reply: ‘’Living mine.’’ It is short, not so sweet, and leaves him with a clear message.

A little bit of sarcasm is always welcome in letting a guy know you’re not really interested in hearing any more of him.

If he wants to impress you, he’s going to have to come up with a much more imaginative line or just by being himself.

I wonder if they’ll learn that’s all we really want.

When he uses the ‘’What’s your sign?’’ pick-up line

smiling man flirting with woman on the party

How many times have you been approached by being asked about your sign or something in that area? God knows I’ve experienced it so much that it truly only makes me cringe.

When a guy asks you about your sign, don’t be shy to tell him: ‘’Do not enter.’’ He asked for a sign, didn’t he?

Well, until he comes up with something other than this, he can say goodbye to chatting you up.

Guys really don’t seem to bother anymore with anything meaningful, and they will just use any pathetic line they’ve got, thinking it will actually work.

It rarely does, so until they learn, don’t hesitate to be a little witty and harsh when thinking of a good comeback.

They need a good reality check, and your witty remarks are just the thing to bring them back to planet Earth.

A little fun has never hurt anybody; he’ll live.

5 Fantastic Comebacks For An Overly Flirtatious Guy