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9 Body Language Signs That Tell He’s Into You

9 Body Language Signs That Tell He’s Into You

Reading men can sometimes be harder than understanding algebra. Does he like you? Is he polite towards everybody or is he treating you the way he does because he has deeper feelings for you?

Why is he constantly looking at you? What is it exactly that he wants from you?

Some men have a gift to be really skillful with words and won’t hesitate to openly express their affection towards you.

On the other hand, sometimes you’ll need to be the one to analyze their behavior and make a conclusion based on it.

If you manage to do so and if you know where to look, his body signs might speak volumes about his affection towards you.

We bring you five simple body language signs that reveal if a man you want in your life likes you and you can read all about it below.

Constant smiling

If he’s genuinely a happy person this might deceive you, but there is also a way to make sure it doesn’t.

If he smiles at you for no reason, and based on how constantly he smiles, you can tell if he likes you or not.

If a man is into you, he won’t be able to take the smile off his face. He might seem ridiculous or even high sometimes, but that’s what happens when a man truly likes a woman.

He’ll be constantly smiling and happiness will be written all over his face.

Eyes only for you

How often do you catch his look? Based on how long he maintains his eye contact, you’ll be able to tell if he’s into you.

If he’s not taking his eyes off of you and the state is prolonged, he definitely likes you.

Also, if you’re the girl he likes, he won’t be staring at any other women because the one he has interest in will be there, and all his attention will be directed towards you.

You’ll catch him often staring at you. And when you do, he won’t look away—he’ll remain to gaze towards you.

Unless you have some food on your face, you should be able to know what this means.

Leaning towards you

If you’re in a crowded bar, it can be that he’s leaning towards you. It means he’s genuinely interested in you, and he really wants to hear what you have to say to him.

If he’s leaning towards you, even if you’re not at the bar—as if he’s telling you a secret or if he has something for your ears only—it means he’s really into you.


When it comes to touch, men are never subtle here. If he is interested in you, his arms, his own body, will betray him.

There will be a lot of touching, and some of it may seem unnecessary to somebody who’s observing you from the side.

If a man likes you, he’ll use every opportunity to touch your arm. He’ll touch your knee or he’ll simply try and put his hands around your waist when he’s passing by.

Sometimes he mighteven tuck your hair behind your ear or make some small gesture that will involve touching you.

If his hands always find a way or a reason to touch you, then it’s a done deal!

Seductive moves

These signs are the most obvious. Some men can be clumsy when it comes to this, but their body makes them make this kind of move anyway.

Does he have the habit of rubbing his hands when he’s around you? Does he wink at you when he catches your look?

What about his hair—does he run his hand through his hair from time to time? Every single action from above, even if not done perfectly, is a telltale sign of his affection towards you.

These were five most obvious body language signs form which you can conclude if he is into you.

But because you’ve stayed with us till the end, we give you four bonus signs to tell a little more about the behavior of a man who likes a particular woman.

If he’s into you, he’ll constantly try to look good for you.

His looks might’ve been a mess at first, but when he discovered he’s into you, he started looking better day by day.

That’s because he’s trying new outfits and his hairstyle is often on spot and whatnot.

Have you noticed his new cologne or he is wearing a little bit too much of it recently?

It’s no secret that women adore men’s cologne—it’s like a drug to us—and he knows it, so he’s playing his safe card here when trying his best to seduce you.

If a man likes you, he’ll have the need to put a smile on your face.

It’s not necessarily his body language, but it’s also something he does that tells you about his interest in you.

He’ll try to win you over with his jokes, and he’ll always do his best to make your time together fun.

He’ll enjoy seeing you laugh, and he’ll do everything to make you smile for as long as he can.

If he has any kind of affection towards you, he’ll try spending as much time as he can with you.

If a man likes you, he’ll constantly search for any excuse he can to hear from you or to see you.

He’ll always be around—not to suffocate you but to steal at least a moment of your time.

Because if he’s into you, seeing you or talking to you will simply make his day.

If he is into you, he’ll act protective.

It’s not a secret that men act all protective when it comes to women. But your guy will do something even bigger.

If he’s into you, he’ll have this habit of calling or texting to see if you came home safely. Also, he’ll look after you and he’ll pay attention to people you hang out with.

He’ll make sure that you’re aware of those who aren’t good for you as well.

Seeing you hurt will be something hard to watch for him and that’s why he’ll do everything he can to protect you.

There you go. Now you have 9 simple signs of men’s body language that show their affection towards you.

Memorize them well and use them smartly—and good luck with getting the guy you like!