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5 Odd Signs That He Loves You: Learn His Love Language

5 Odd Signs That He Loves You: Learn His Love Language

It can make you feel insecure if a man can’t seem to utter those three little words – I love you – even though you’ve been dating for a while and you feel like there’s something deeper between you,

This article will help you realize that there’s no need to worry: he might have been saying it all along, only not with words. Some people don’t know how to express themselves verbally or aren’t comfortable doing so – so they show their love and affection in other ways.

We’ll take a close look at 5 odd signs that he loves you – five things that might not have even crossed your mind as possible signs of love.

You might have noticed him acting this way in the early stages of your relationship or if you’ve been together for some time, even if you just have a crush on a guy and want to know if he likes you back.

What Are The 5 Odd Signs That He Loves You?

Do you have a guy in your life who makes you feel things, but you can’t tell in no uncertain terms whether he loves you or not? If you’re wondering, your instincts are probably already making you suspect he might have feelings for you.

Your gut feeling is rarely wrong because it’s based on what you observe and unconsciously draw conclusions from.

If you think he might love you even though he hasn’t said it yet, you might have noticed some obvious signs or some unusual signs he loves you, only you weren’t sure how to interpret them.

Let’s check out the 5 odd signs that he loves you and what might be going through his head.

1. He stares at you

A guy who loves you won’t be able to take his eyes off you. Whether you’re aware of it or not, he’ll be looking at you. You might catch him staring (and maybe quickly looking away) or just feel his eyes drilling into the back of your head, but his gaze is always on you.

Why does he keep staring?

• He thinks you’re beautiful.

A guy who loves you or likes you undeniably finds you beautiful. It doesn’t matter if your looks were the first thing that attracted him to you or something that wasn’t as important as connecting on an emotional level. When a man loves you, there’s no doubt that he thinks you’re beautiful.

Love makes the person in your heart shine, and their beauty draws you in. Strong feelings make you see the one you love in a new light, and more and more, you realize that they’re the most beautiful person in the world.

When you look at them, you see every detail and feature, making them even more beautiful in your eyes. Looking at a face that you love is healing and fills your heart with joy, so all you want to do is keep your eyes on your beloved.

When he looks at you all the time, it’s a telltale sign that reveals his feelings. He loves you, so your beauty is no competition to anything around him. He’s looking at you because nothing else compares.

• He’s paying attention.

Another reason he’s staring at you is because he’s paying you attention. When a man is interested in everything you say and do, it’s a definite sign that he has feelings for you.

When a man loves you, he loves everything about you. Your thoughts and ideas are mind-blowing, and the things you do are cute and cool and just the best.

The way you do something ordinary even captivates him, and he’s genuinely interested in your words and values your opinion.

In the same way he thinks you’re the most beautiful person around, a man who feels true love for you also believes that there’s nothing more important than your words and actions.

A man who loves you appreciates your mind, so he’s always eager to pay attention because he doesn’t want to miss anything you say.

He stares and can’t look away because there’s nothing more interesting than you.

• He’s curious about you.

Not counting being in love with someone, have you ever been really, really into something? A hobby, maybe a musician or a TV show? If you have, you must have been excited to find out everything you could about it. Your curiosity was a sign of your interest and enthusiasm.

Similarly, when a man has strong feelings for you, he wants to know more about the center of his attention. He wants you to be part of his life, and for him to be part of yours, so he’s curious to know everything about you.

He stares at you because he wants you to teach him everything about yourself.

Every little thing about you is important, even the things that seem trivial. He wants to know your mannerisms, your habits, your quirks, how your day went, and your pet’s latest adventures.

If a man stares at you because he doesn’t want to miss anything, it’s a clear sign that he loves you.

2. He teases you

When a guy teases you, don’t think that he wants to annoy you. Playful teasing is actually one of the most common if a bit weird signs that a man loves you.

He probably does it to his friends, too, but you’ll notice a subtle difference between the roughhousing with his best friend and the gentle ribbing he has for you.

What does his teasing mean?

• He’s flirting

Flirtatious teasing is a great way to connect with each other. It shows that he knows you and understands you because a shared sense of humor says a lot about compatibility. If he’s using teasing to flirt with you, he feels affection for you and wants to deepen it.

Being able to have fun and laugh together is a relaxed way to develop a bond. Showing vulnerability is inevitable if you want to emotionally connect with someone, but sometimes it’s necessary to lighten the mood.

Teasing eases the pressure of showing sincere affection – flicking your nose when he actually wants to kiss you – and gives you a chance to become closer in a light-hearted way.

Affectionate teasing also nurtures friendship, and being friends as well as significant others is a mark of a healthy relationship. Developing your own inside jokes or getting lost in your own world means that you’re able to have fun together in a way that belongs to only the two of you.

• He’s playful

If he calls you shorty and pretends he can’t see you when you’re standing right in front of him, it’s because he thinks you’re cute and endearing and doesn’t think you’ll actually get mad. He’s showing a willingness to be teased in the same way and isn’t trying to point out a flaw.

Tease him right back, but keep in mind that the key to playful banter is loving intent.

Any sign of being mean is a red flag – on his part or yours. Teasing should never be about putting someone down or making them feel insecure about something they’re sensitive about. Being harsh or judgmental isn’t teasing.

Good, playful teasing has its place and time. When one of you is going through a hard time or when the mood isn’t right for jokes, keep things serious.

If the man who loves you teases you in a fun and playful way and is never unkind in his jokes, he’s inviting you to play with him and show him you love him back.

• He’s comfortable around you

The fact that he can tease you shows his trust. He feels like you accept him, which makes him feel comfortable around you.

Perhaps he doesn’t tease you in front of other people – this shows that he only feels this level of comfort with you.

It’s also a good sign that shows his regard for your feelings: other people who don’t know you and your relationship might not understand your teasing, and it can make the both of you uncomfortable.

Some of the ways he could show how comfortable he is around you are:

• If he can guess what you’re thinking and tease you about it, it shows how well he knows you.

• By relating his jokes to the two of you, he’s showing that your relationship is something important.

• By disagreeing with you just because he’s showing his willingness to entertain you in different ways.

As long as it’s done with good intentions, teasing helps build an emotional connection and keeps things fun and comfortable.

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3. His body language

Relationship experts rightfully consider body language one of the most important signs of romantic interest. Eye contact, mirroring, and subtle touches are some of the biggest signs a guy likes you.

You don’t need a relationship coach to tell you that dismissing his phone notifications, ignoring social media in your presence, and focusing only on you when you’re together means that you’re more interesting than his phone.

However, some lesser-known body language indicators can show you that he’s got it bad.

• His demeanor and expressions

He might try to keep it cool, but when a man loves you, he can’t help himself. His body language is sure to give him away.

His demeanor when it comes to you is often going to be tender, and it will show through physical affection, his tone of voice, and facial expressions. A man who loves you will treat you as something precious.

For example, he’ll place a gentle hand on your back as you’re walking, his voice will be softer and sweeter when he talks to you, and his expression will betray his feelings whenever he looks at you and thinks how endearing you are.

The way to tell how he feels is to take notice of what he’s like with other people.

If, for instance, you and a close friend of his are doing the same thing, and his face doesn’t crumble into a helpless smile when he looks at his friend, yet it does when it’s you he has his eyes on, it’s a clear sign that he loves you.

• His posture

There’s a lot of information about a man’s body language when he’s attracted to a woman and a hundred possible clues that give away his feelings. It can all be summed up in one idea: he wants you to know that he’s ~a man~.

To give you an example, let’s imagine you’ve been staying with your guy and some mutual friends at a vacation house. You wake up late one morning, and as you’re approaching the kitchen, you can see him hunched over the table, munching on his breakfast and chatting to his friends.

The moment he spots you, his whole attitude changes. Suddenly, he’s the coolest guy around. He straightens up and leans back, manspreading. He saved you a seat right next to him, of course, and his whole body is turned towards your chair, caging it with his legs.

He’s running his hand through his hair, or whatever else he does when he’s feeling flirty, and he’s generally acting like a peacock. His demeanor is yelling loudly at you to look at him because he loves you.

• He’s glued to you

To say that he loves spending time with you would be an understatement. In fact, you can’t keep him away.

When it’s just the two of you, it might be hard to notice because it’s normal that you’d be close, but in a group setting, his need for closeness is easy to spot.

If he’s not sitting near you and the seat next to you is taken, he’s still going to find a way to squeeze himself in. Little by little, he’ll pass other people like he’s defeating obstacles in a video game to end up at his final goal: the spot next to you.

He feels drawn to you as if you were magnets, and it’s obvious both in an emotional sense and in the sense that he needs to be near you.

When a man makes you feel like you have your very own satellite, it’s a great sign that he loves you and he wants you to express your feelings for him. He could be your soulmate or just a crush, but if he can’t keep away from you, he’s feeling something.

4. He follows your example

A man who loves you will be greatly affected by you because loving you will change his life. He’ll follow your example and emulate you because he respects your opinions and attitude and is impressed by who you are. He probably won’t copy you, but he’ll find ways to be more like you.

• He rearranges his life

Among the 5 odd signs that he loves you, the most significant might be that he’ll change his life to fit you in and make you feel welcome in it. When a man loves you, he’ll make space for you that you’ll feel comfortable in.

He’ll adjust his life to accommodate you so that you feel like it’s a good place for you to be in. He’ll make time for you and be available when you need him. He’ll do more things how you do them to not only make you feel closer to him but also to feel closer to you.

It’s well known that when a man loves you, he will make you a priority. What people usually forget is that you become not only a priority but a necessity. You become such an important part of his life that he molds it around you.

• He looks for things you have in common

To reassure himself (and you) of your connection, he’ll look for whatever it is that you have in common. Your similarities might make him feel like you were destined to meet and love each other.

For instance, if you were born in the same town or have siblings of the same age. If you both played the piano as children, or if both of you like the color blue. Nothing is too trivial to be seen as a sign that you’re meant to be.

When he finds a personality trait you share, a man who loves you will feel happy and proud. For him, you’re amazing and someone to look up to, and he feels honored to share something with you.

If you notice that your guy is always looking for ways to point out your similarities, it’s entirely possible that he loves you.

• He allows you to influence him

If you’re into hiking, and your boyfriend comes with you on a walk when you invite him even though he prefers virtual mountains, it’s a good sign that your love life is thriving.

Being influenced by your significant other is a way for both of you and your relationship to grow. Learning from each other and sharing experiences makes both of you richer and your relationship more stable. It deepens your connection and improves your well-being.

By taking your ideas and opinions into account, he shows how much he values you. His feelings are so strong that he views everything you do and like as clearly superior to anyone else’s, so he accepts when you want him to do something together.

You could say that it’s a form of mirroring, but instead of body language, he’s mirroring your likes, ideas, and taste as a way to feel connected to you.

5. He acts out

When he loves you, a man will do anything to make you love him back. If he thinks you’ll respond well to silliness and laughter, then that will be his approach. If it’s his skills, appearance, or things he considers precious that he believes you’ll like, he’ll do his best to showcase them for your consideration.

In any case, when a man loves you, he’ll do things that seem over the top and like he’s doing them only for you.

• Making you laugh

If he knows that you’re someone who likes to laugh, he’ll do everything he can to make it happen. As we already mentioned, he’ll tease you, and there will be good banter, making your interactions fun and pleasant, but he won’t stop there.

A man who loves you won’t have a problem being silly to get your attention. He’ll stoop to dad jokes and ridiculous pickup lines if that’s what makes you giggle. He’ll overact, be overly energetic, and do pretty much anything to get your attention.

He’ll make you laugh because seeing you happy makes him happy too. He won’t think that anything is embarrassing or beneath him, as long as you like it.

On the other hand, if there’s anything you don’t like, he’ll stop and move on. A man who loves you will respect your wishes.

• Showing off

A man who loves you wants you to only pay attention to him. To achieve this, he’ll emphasize everything he knows you like about him and try to draw you in further by showing off the things he considers attractive about himself.

Typical guy, right?

If he’s good at sports, he’ll flex his skills any chance he gets to impress you. If you mention that he has a nice voice, he might even serenade you. If you happen to mention that he has nice arms, he’ll start wearing clothes that display them more often.

When he shows off for you, a man isn’t only trying to impress you; he’s also showing you his sincerity. It’s a sign of his willingness to make himself vulnerable in a way, as if he’s saying, “Here I am; please love me.”

• Grand gestures

Unless he’s using over-the-top actions to make up for something, this can be a very effective way of showing a man’s feelings. Even small gestures, such as surprising you with flowers for no reason or bringing you coffee to work, can charm you and make you feel loved.

When a guy loves you, he’ll do these things to make you happy. He’ll listen to you and figure out what to do to make you feel special based on things you like. He also might try to introduce you to something that’s special to him that he wants to share with you.

Whether he whisks you away on a surprise trip or buys you something you’ve wanted for a while, he’s doing it to display his affection.

Was It Really So Odd?

Human relationships are complex, and unfortunately, there is no universal formula for understanding each other. Of course, it would be easier if we could all just say what we mean, but it’s not that simple. Instead, we need to rely on subtle signs and relationship advice.

If a man is afraid of rejection, was burned in the past, or simply isn’t good at expressing his feelings, he might not be able to say that he loves you using words. He’ll say it in other ways, and we’ve covered some of the most unusual hidden signs.

Even though these behaviors might be surprising, they’re also great signs that a man loves you. Among the 5 odd signs that he loves you, were there any that stood out to you as especially weird, or was everything as you expected?