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5 Reasons Why It’s Impossible To Stay FWB With Your EX

5 Reasons Why It’s Impossible To Stay FWB With Your EX

Isn’t the whole idea of being friends with benefits to not have any strings attached? Playing FWB with your ex is a mission impossible.

It’s all the emotional baggage that you carry which will interrupt your intentions, and you’ll end up catching feelings once again even though you wanted it to be just casual s*x.

There are some major things that’ll ruin your plan.

Family And Friends Are Still Shipping You

three friends are sitting in a cafe and talking

You might think all that there was between the two of you has ended, but people you’re surrounded with might not agree with you. They see it way differently than you do and that’s why they’ll still try and ship you.

It will be impossible to go on joint dinners or anything else without being constantly called out. Everybody who knows you enough is picking up the energy going on between you and your ex.

You’re Unable To Move On

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Having somebody besides you (and that somebody is your ex) makes it hard for you to move on. The thing with being FWB with your ex is that you constantly think you have somebody even though you haven’t put a label on it.

You do call yourself ‘friends with benefits’, but deep down, something is still holding you attached to him and it makes you run and not look back whenever you get a chance for a new hookup.

Even though you’ve broken up, you’re refusing to end whatever there is going on between the two of you.

Jealousy is inevitable

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There is this feeling of belonging to your ex that stays for a little while even after you have broken up. After a while it should disappear—eventually, it goes away like after not hearing from him/her for a while or so.

If you don’t cut all strings with your ex, you’ll get again those jealousy outbursts like you had when you were dating because you haven’t given enough time for each other to move on.

You Start Acting Like It’s All Normal

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Where is the line you can’t cross? You might agree on your terms of ‘dating’, but I can bet you it’ll all be forgotten once you get too used to each other.

Late night talks, joint dinners, jokes only the two of you get and you’ll end up holding each other’s hand and you’re back to square one.


Everything’s A Competition

a romantic couple walking barefoot on the beach at sunset

Who’s the one that will move on first and who’ll be the sucker to be played in the end?

It’s all about the feelings and one of you has a bit more affection towards the other or it might be that in the end, the winner is the one that breaks the heart of the other.

Somebody will pay for all the mistakes made in the relationship and somebody will exit without a scratch.

The bottom line would be this: If friends with benefits is something you wish to have, then it’s better to try it with somebody new. Reward yourself with a fresh start if you don’t want to end up back with your ex.

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5 Reasons Why It’s Impossible To Stay FWB With Your EX