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When You Stop Chasing The Wrong Guys, The Right One Will Find You

When You Stop Chasing The Wrong Guys, The Right One Will Find You

I was in my room waiting for his call when I learned the most valuable lesson in my life.

I was freaking out, desperately waiting for hours for him to call me and still nothing.

My mind was occupied with different thoughts like: What if something happened to him? What if he’s with another girl (perhaps his ex)?

What if he doesn’t even like me anymore because this is not the first time I’m waiting for him to move his ass and send me some proof of his existence?

“What if” – two words with such a large amount of uncertainty and expectation, that it can kill even the toughest ones.

My family and friends didn’t even recognize me anymore. From a happy and strong woman, I became a frustrated, miserable creature.

I started hating myself even more.

I demand from God to send me answers to these famous questions: Why me? Why do I always have to be the one to end up being miserable with the wrong guy?

And then I experienced a moment of true epiphany.  I realized that all this time I was ending up being desperate because I was chasing the wrong guys.

I was CHASING them, even though I knew they didn’t deserve it.

I was blindly chasing to be hurt and taken for granted because I was more concerned with their well-being and happiness than my own.

I’ve neglected myself because all this time, I was busy chasing something that would never be mine.

Someone who would never make me happy.

While busy doing all of this, I was ignorant of the only truth that should be written on the walls in every corner of the world:

When you stop chasing the wrong guys, the right one will find you! Yes.

When you stop wasting your time on waiting for them to start treating you the way you deserve, you will open the doors to the right one to whom you’ll be number one priority.

This is the one beautiful truth that should always be kept in a special compartment in our brain.

Chasing someone who doesn’t give a damn about you will only result in you getting more and more hurt.

It’s the only logical conclusion of which I’ve been ignorant for years.

Why in the world would we ever think that if stay determined in chasing someone, that they’d somehow suddenly change their mind and finally notice us, our efforts, our tears?

Why in the world would we choose to live in this illusion when deep down in our soul we know that nothing will ever change?

Because of fear. We fear that we’ll never find someone better and we think that this is how things are supposed to be.

We think that we deserve to be treated poorly because no one has convinced us to believe otherwise. We believe that we’re not worthy of love.

We blindly chase those who are wrong for us because we’re convinced that we’ll never find someone who will treat us the way we deserve.

But, the truth is, when we stop doing it, the right one will find us!

When you stop wasting your time waiting for them to call you, the right one will knock on your door!

When we’re only focused on chasing things that are bad for us, we’re multiplying our chances to receive more shit in our lives.

Every time we wait for their call, we’re deliberately hurting ourselves by wasting our time on someone who doesn’t appreciate ours.

But, when we finally stop doing it, we become free of all toxicity and negative energy.

We start seeing things differently. We start noticing those who were in the shadows the entire time – the right ones.

And the only thing you need to do to welcome them into your life is to stop chasing the wrong ones.

The only thing you need to do is to stop paying attention to those who wrong you, stop anticipating their calls, stop waiting for them to notice you, stop hanging on in the hopes that they’ll change!

Because the more you chase them, the more you’re going to hurt yourself! The more you chase them, the longer you’ll stay away from true happiness!

The more you chase the wrong ones, the more power you’re giving them.

The more you chase them, the more they will take you for granted. And why would you put up with it?

Why would you let someone interfere with your happiness and making a fool out of you?

Why would you let someone keep you living in fear and the hope that they’ll eventually change?

You deserve to be treated like a lady!

You deserve to smile until your face hurts instead constantly wipe your tears!

You deserve to be taken care of, not to feel neglected!

You deserve to be someone’s dream instead of just an option! You deserve to experience true happiness!

So, stop wasting your time on chasing the wrong guys, so that the right one can find you!

When you decide to be the master of your own happiness, you will welcome so many possibilities into your life.

When you decide to stop chasing those who do you wrong, you’ll make space for the right ones to find you.

When you stop accepting bad things, you’ll start receiving the great ones. When you stop chasing the wrong guys, you’ll meet the right one!

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