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5 Reasons Passionate Men Make The Best Partners

5 Reasons Passionate Men Make The Best Partners

Passion is a hell of a turn-on. Seeing a man doing what he’s passionate about is about as sexy as it gets. – Unknown.

Painters, musicians, writers, chefs… and all of the other men who are passionate about life and enjoy doing things that give them a sense of purpose are pure gold.

There’s this spark in their eyes as they’re in the middle of whatever they’ve been doing and this fiery passion is what makes them simply irresistible.

Passionate men love life and they’re always one hundred percent into what they’re doing.

They don’t satisfy themselves with the word ‘adequate’. They want everything to be the way they imagined it. And that is what makes them the best partner you’ve ever had.

They are curious

Passionate men will always be interested in what you have to say and not only on your first date.

They will always show curiosity in what is going on in your life because they’re interested in it.

They will always make sure to ask you about your day before you even think of saying it.

You’ll never catch them not paying attention when talking to them because they’re interested in what is going on in your head so that they can make you feel better if needed.

And if they sense that you’re not feeling very well, they’ll find a way to instantly make you feel better because it’s in their blood.

They will always make sure to try everything to make you happy and they’re really good at it.

They are courageous

If climbing the highest mountain and screaming your name will make you happy, they will do it.

They will climb because they want to prove how courageous and bold they are. They will do it for you.

If you ask them to write you a song, they will immediately start writing it in front of you. Passionate men don’t have a sense of space or time.

They live in this endless space of possible opportunities that they grab at the right time to show you how much they care about you.

If you ask them to kiss you, they will make sure not to miss a single spot of your body because they want to do it in style.

They will not quit halfway; they will always do it perfectly and with care.

They’ll try until they succeed

If they fail to achieve something, they’ll do it again and again until they succeed in it.

Whatever they do, passionate men don’t quit until they’re finished.

It is against the rules to show weakness in front of an obstacle. They would never forgive themselves if they disappointed you.

But firstly, they don’t want to disappoint themselves either and that is what makes them perfect.

They’re not afraid of commitment

Unlike commitment-phobes, passionate men are the complete opposite. They see you, they like you, they fight for you, they commit to you. It’s as simple as that.

When a passionate man likes you, he will do everything in his power and more to show you.

He will use all of his skills to get your attention and use all of his qualities to amaze you.

And once he has you, he will never stop chasing you. To him, every day will be an opportunity to show you how much he appreciates you.

He won’t be afraid to show you his feelings or share his vulnerable side with you.

Passionate men will be brave and tender at the same time if you want them to be.

Seeing you happy makes them even happier

Passionate men will always put your happiness before their own. They will sleep on the floor if you want them to because they don’t have any problems adapting.

Whatever you say to them, they will always see it as an opportunity to learn something new.

Even if you insult them, they will not be mad at you because passionate men like a mess.

They don’t enjoy if everything’s perfect because in their mind, your flaws and quirks are what make you perfect.

Men may SAY they love you but passionate men will SHOW you love in a thousand different ways.