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Don’t Be Afraid To Love Again – Not Everyone Will Be Like Your Ex

Don’t Be Afraid To Love Again – Not Everyone Will Be Like Your Ex

I know you’ve been through hell. Maybe you were a victim of abuse. Or you were involved with a manipulative narcissist .

Or you got cheated on. Or you were with someone who never appreciated you and didn’t love you enough.

Either way, the point is that you let the wrong man in, thinking that he was right for you. You loved a toxic man with all of your heart and he only used your love against you.

You trusted him and he betrayed your trust in the worst possible way. You planned a future with a man who ended up crushing all of your dreams and hopes.

You gave him your best and he still thought it wasn’t enough. You prioritized a man who didn’t have the decency to choose you.

You wore your heart on your sleeve and he broke it, without ever thinking of the consequences. You gave him your everything without receiving anything in return.

All of this crushed you to pieces and it made you question your judgment. Everything this man did left deep wounds on your soul and now, you are convinced that you’ll never mend your broken heart.

I know that now you see all of this as the end of the world but these things simply happen. Everything doesn’t always go as you planned.

People turn out to be different than you imagine.

And you get your heart broken. But that is all a part of life.

And a failed relationship doesn’t equal a failed life. A broken heart doesn’t have to mean that you are broken for good.

I know that you think that you’ll never recover from everything that has happened to you. I know that you’ve lost all faith in people and that you don’t believe in finding love again.

To be honest, for you, the mere thought of falling in love again is scary as hell. You are terrified of diving into a new relationship ever again and you are afraid of getting your heart broken once more because that is something you couldn’t take.

And you are ready to do whatever it takes to make sure it never happens. All you want to do is protect your heart from going through all of this devastating pain it already experienced.

You are sure that the only way to keep yourself safe is to give up on love completely. That the best thing for you is to keep yourself guarded and to act heartless.

Besides, you are convinced that you’ve missed out on your chance to be happy. If things hadn’t worked out with your ex-boyfriend, why would it be any different with anyone who comes after him?

You are convinced that everyone will treat you the same way your ex did and that all men are the same.

Well, guess what? They are not. And if you allow yourself to continue thinking this way, it means he has won.

It means that he has managed to change you and that he succeeded in leaving a permanent mark on you. It means that he has impacted your entire life and that you’ve allowed bitterness and fear to take over you completely. It means that you are still a prisoner of everything he did to you.

Don’t get me wrong—this is not me trying to convince you that letting a new man in will be easy or that you are wrong or weak for being scared because that is a completely natural reaction to all the pain and disappointment you’ve experienced.

And this is definitely not me telling you to jump into a new relationship just to prove to yourself that you really have moved on.

I am just advising you not to give up on love altogether just because you loved one wrong guy and not to deprive yourself of the chance of being happy just because you got your heart broken in the past.

I am telling you to look at this failed relationship as a tough lesson. To look at it as an opportunity to find a man who is really meant to be yours forever, because everything happens for a reason.

I am telling you that a man who thinks you are worthy will come along, even though you don’t believe it now. That you’ll find a man who will heal your broken heart and who’ll show you what it means to be loved.

And when he comes, he’ll show you how wrong you were for thinking that everyone is the same. He’ll show you how foolish you were for thinking you should give up on love.

Because true love really does exist. And when it finally happens to you, you’ll see that it is worthy of everything.