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A Letter To The Woman I Was A Year Ago

A Letter To The Woman I Was A Year Ago

Dear me,

You really couldn’t even guess how much could happen in one year. You never thought that the tears would stop.

You never thought you would be able to fall asleep without tossing and turning and overthinking.

You were haunted by your thoughts. You kept asking yourself: “ What went wrong?”, “Could I have done something differently?”, “Will he come back?” and, “Does he miss me?”…

But here you are, you are calm now. Your thoughts are silenced. You know how it was never about you.

There was nothing you could’ve done or said that would have changed the outcome.

It was always him. He never saw the real you. He never saw how unique and special you were.

He played with your feelings and took your love for granted. And though it hurt, he did you a favor.

You would still be hooked on him and stuck in something that was never right for you if he wasn’t the one who left. You were too close and too in love that you couldn’t see the real him.

Look at you now, you are almost over him and you thought that day would never come.

You finally found the light after all the darkness and I couldn’t be prouder. You are stronger than you gave yourself credit.

It wasn’t easy to get where you are now. When you are in pain, a year can really feel like a century.

You knew all along you needed time but it seemed like it slowed down just to spite you.

All those nice memories you shared became your worst enemy. The thought of never reliving moments like that with him kept tearing your heart into pieces.

Your voice would tremble and it would hurt your ears every time you had to say that you guys had broken up and that he was no longer a part of your life to someone who knew both of you.

Today those painful feelings have turned into acceptance. You know that things had to go that way and that’s it.

 Memories are just memories now and you proudly say you are “single and fabulous”.

You have a more positive outlook on life and on yourself. You don’t dwell on the past anymore, your focus is on what’s ahead of you.

You learned just how important it is to take care of yourself and remind yourself each day of your worth.

You believed you would make it through and you did.

You had your faith, your friends and your family on your side and there was no stopping you with a support system like that. You are so grateful for all of them.

You feel as if you are living a brand new life now. You are happy and vibrant. You are exploring the world around you, going to new places and meeting new people.

You have new goals to pursue and there’s no stopping you.

In losing him, you found yourself. You discovered what you are made of and you are ready to face whatever comes your way.

Keep your head up high, your dreams big and just keep on going forward and everything will work out when it’s supposed to. You know that, don’t you?