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5 Reasons Why A Girl Who’s Been Through A Brutal Breakup Loves The Hardest

5 Reasons Why A Girl Who’s Been Through A Brutal Breakup Loves The Hardest

When you first meet a girl who’s been through hell in her past relationship, you assume that she is still haunted by past traumas.

You think that she must be carrying a lot of emotional baggage which would burden your relationship.

Besides, the last thing you want is to be someone’s rebound.

You assume that this girl is hard to love and needs fixing, and that is something you don’t have time nor energy for.

Oh boy, how wrong you are.

Yes, the truth is that she’s been through a brutal breakup.

However, it has just increased her capacity to love someone wholeheartedly, and here are 5 reasons why.

1.She knows how it feels to be heartbroken

This girl knows what it means to have a relationship she thought would last a lifetime fall apart right in front of her eyes.

She knows what it feels to have someone you love more than anyone stab you in the back, betray you, and abandon you when you needed him the most.

This is the girl who knows the enormous pain of having her heart shattered to pieces, a girl who knows how it feels to fall asleep and wake up with tears…

A girl who knows how it feels to be heartbroken.

So, you can bet on this one—the last thing she would ever even think of doing would be putting another human being through that kind of pain.

She would never hurt you the way she was hurt, and she would never cause you the pain she felt.

2.She is strong enough for the both of you

Even though this girl’s heart was crushed into millions of pieces, somehow she managed to rise from its ashes.

Even though she was heavily damaged, she managed to glue herself back together.

The best part is that she’s done it all by herself without anyone’s help.

Everything that has happened to her has taught her how to be self-sufficient.

It has taught her to rely on herself only, and most of all, it has taught her how to be stronger than ever.

And this is exactly the kind of girl you need by your side—the girl who will be there to help you fight your battles and who will always be ready to chase your demons away.

A girl who will push you forward and believe in you when no one else does.

A girl who will be your strength when you think you can’t make it anymore and a wind to your wings when you need her the most.

A girl who will never back out on you and who will always remain by your side, no matter what.

A girl who will be your peaceful harbor and your biggest motivation at the same time.

3.She is ready to do whatever it takes for love

Whoever has gone through a painful breakup knows how to fight for love.

These are the people who are ready to move mountains just to keep their loved one next to them and to make their relationships work.

And this girl is no exception.

However, the best part about her is that she hasn’t lost faith in love, despite everything she’s been through.

Instead, she is even more determined to find the one for her and even more convinced that he is somewhere out there.

So believe me when I say that this girl won’t give up on you easily.

Instead, she will fight for you with everything she’s got, and she won’t let go of your relationship as long as she sees any hope in its future.

4.She knows what she doesn’t want

Having a mature partner who knows what and who they want is important for maintaining every healthy relationship.

However, sometimes it is even more crucial having a person who knows what they don’t want.

You see, this girl had one shitty relationship, and she isn’t ready to waste more of her time on something similar.

She will never again settle for a relationship that is doomed to fail or on something that obviously doesn’t have a chance of working out.

She knows exactly what the things two people shouldn’t be doing in a relationship are, and she knows how to recognize toxic behavior right from the start.

This is the girl who won’t pick a fight over every little thing, and a girl won’t end a relationship when the slightest inconvenience occurs.

She won’t pretend that the problems you guys have are non-existent without trying to resolve them, and she definitely won’t even think of cheating on you.

5.If she let you in, you are pretty special

Another thing you need to know before loving a girl who’s been through a brutal breakup is that everything she’s been through has changed her in a way.

It has turned her into a guarded, overly careful woman who doesn’t tear her walls down for just about anyone.

If she’s decided to let you into her heart, you must be pretty damn special to her. It means she saw something unique and worth fighting for in you.

So you better think twice before hurting her in any way because that is the last thing she deserves and something she couldn’t handle once more.