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Men In Love Will Commit Right Away, Everything Else Is Bullshit

Men In Love Will Commit Right Away, Everything Else Is Bullshit


It’s time to cut to the chase and tell you the truth.

There is no point in making things sound prettier than they are.

There is no point in trying to spare your feelings because even if I lie, you’re going to get hurt anyway.

So, here it goes…

A man who is in love with you and ready to commit won’t even wait for a second to tell you that.

Everything else is just pure bullshit!

A man who is utterly and completely in love with you won’t make any excuses when it comes to your relationship.

A man who loves you won’t second guess his decisions.

The timing will be right and he won’t need some extra time to make a decision.

A man READY to commit WILL commit!

The truth everyone avoids to tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings is that if you don’t click at the beginning of the relationship and if there isn’t that special something that draws you closer to each other, there is no point in staying together.

Things won’t get better.

Your relationship won’t magically become the relationship of your dreams.

So you might as well end it as soon as possible to save yourself the trouble and time invested.

Dating a man who doesn’t know whether he wants you or not is a complete waste of time.

If he isn’t sure about you, then he doesn’t want you.

I know this is not an easy thing to accept.

Who wants to admit it to themselves that the person they love doesn’t love them back? No one, of course.

The feeling of being unwanted is the last thing you want to experience.

Sadly, that’s why we give ourselves false hope that he isn’t ready yet, he is a bit confused, or he has gone through a lot.

We’re ready to do everything other than admit the truth. Because frankly, the truth hurts like hell.

If you want me to be completely honest with you, the moment you catch yourself scrolling down articles looking for signs that you’re meant to be together, you can bury your relationship and call the time of death because… there is simply no point.  

When you are really meant to be, when the man you’re dating is all in, you won’t need any signs to confirm that.

Heck, it won’t even cross your mind to go look for signs because you’ll know you’re meant for each other.

Life goes by and, might I add, very quickly.

Days turn into months, and months turn into years.

Before you know it, you find yourself wondering how the hell time just flew by. Well, that’s the thing.

Do you really want to spend your time, your valuable time with someone who doesn’t have the balls to tell you if he’s in or he’s out?

I’m sorry, but life’s just too precious to waste it on idiots. I’m just saying…

While you’re wasting your time, there is someone out there who will really love you.

There is someone out there who is trying to get to you, but he can’t because you’re giving Mr. I Can’t Make Up My Mind yet another chance to disappoint you.

You know, a man in love won’t ask for any extra time to make up his mind about you.

He will grab you and hold you close to him.

He will be scared to lose you. He knows you’re his forever person and only a madman would let that person go.

If you find yourself stuck in a relationship with a man who thinks of you as a ‘maybe’ and not a ‘definitely,’ think about what you’re losing and think about what you’re supposed to have.

Even if leaving him means that you’re going to be single for some time, or that you’re going to date a few assholes more, do it.

Good things don’t happen overnight. That’s where the patience kicks in.

I know you’re sick and tired of hearing about patience.

I know you want him to come right away and the fairy tale part of your life to begin as soon as possible, but I promise you: really good things are worth waiting for.

You can’t look into the future.

There is no way you’ll ever find out what awaits you, but you can at least have a say in what goes on now.

You can decide your destiny by making a decision about now.

Relationships are not simple.

Human nature is even tougher to understand.

Life is fucking complicated, but at least, there is one sure thing: if he doesn’t want to commit, he doesn’t love you.

I don’t think you need anything else. Remember, his indecision is your decision.