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5 Signs He Gives That Show He Wants To Stay Casual

5 Signs He Gives That Show He Wants To Stay Casual

How to know what he wants from you? Does he want you to be his girlfriend or does he enjoy things staying as it is?

Does your relationship have a future or does he consider it nothing more than a casual, meaningless fling? Are you guys headed in the same direction?

Be honest – how many times have these and similar questions been bothering you?

Well, here you have 5 surefire signs that a guy plans on keeping things casual and that it’s time for you to walk away from him, if you strive for something more out of this relationship.

He’s not interested in your life

a sad asian couple sitting in the park

The first sign that a guy doesn’t want anything serious with you is the fact that he isn’t concerned about any aspect of your life.

This man doesn’t show any interest in your daily activities, job, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

He doesn’t even think of meeting your friends and family.

He obviously doesn’t see you as a person worthy of his attention and he doesn’t put an effort into being your friend besides your lover.

Nor does he include you in his

friends have fun and dance in the apartment

The same goes with his life: he has simply never made you a part of it.

And when you come to think about it, you know nothing about this man sleeping next to you.

At first, you assumed that he might be an introvert who doesn’t let anyone in, but later on, you saw that this guy has no intention of revealing any personal details about himself.

If this is the case, I hate to be the one to tell you that he clearly doesn’t want your lives intertwining because that would make it harder for him to leave once he decides to do so.

Besides, he doesn’t have the need to form any deeper bond with you and that is why he doesn’t share much of his personal information.

He never talks about the future

in a cafe behind a fist by the window a couple is drinking coffee and talking

You’re nowhere to be found in this man’s future and he never uses the plural “we” when talking about it.

It’s not that he just doesn’t talk about marriage and other things related to your relationship, he doesn’t include you in his short or long term plans either.

When you’re with a guy like this, you can’t help but notice that he doesn’t see your relationship as something that might last.

Instead, he sees it as a short term fling, nothing more, because he obviously doesn’t plan on you sticking around for much longer.

He is only interested in sex

a loving couple lying in bed

The biggest red flag that a guy wants to keep things casual is the way he treats you as nothing more than a booty call.

Yes, we are all interested in having sex with the person we are attracted to and having a man we like being all over us all the time is a compliment, but if this is all that he’s doing, it’s time to question this relationship.

This guy is always too busy to spend time with you except when you’re inviting him over.

He is always in the mood for sex, but he is always too tired to listen to you or to go out with you.

Besides, after the two of you are done with the bedroom action, he never asks you to sleep over at his place and he never stays the night next to you.

All of a sudden, his mood changes, since he got what he wanted.

He isn’t consistent

a portrait of a sad loving couple after an argument

Another undeniable sign that he doesn’t want anything serious is the fact that you never know where you stand with this man.

He isn’t consistent nor clear about his feelings, and whenever you try talking things through, he avoids the conversation.

Even though he refuses to label things, there are times when he acts like the best boyfriend ever.

Times when you’re certain of his love and when you get your hopes up that you two will take your relationship to the next level.

Then he suddenly disappears, making it clear that he doesn’t owe you an explanation about what he’s doing or who he’s spending his time with.

Times when he disappoints you all over again and makes sure you realize that you’re not as special to him as you might think.

5 Signs He Gives That Show He Wants To Stay Casual