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5 Simple Signs That God Created You As A Whole (You Don’t Need The Other Half)

5 Simple Signs That God Created You As A Whole (You Don’t Need The Other Half)

People say God created one soul and divided it into two halves, so people spend their whole lives searching for that ‘other’ half of themselves.

But, I don’t believe that shit anymore. There is another side to this story. I know it!

Some people were created as a whole. Self-sufficient people. People who don’t spend their lives hoping to meet their soulmate.

What if there is no such thing as a soulmate?

What about you? Did God create you as a whole, perfect just the way you are, or you feel like you’re missing something? Take a look to find out! 

You don’t need anyone’s approval

You do not need to get approval from anyone. Especially online people. You enjoy your life to the fullest, but you don’t have to tell others everything you’ve done and everyt+where you’ve been.

Your life isn’t about likes—the meaning of your life won’t be found in other people’s opinions, but in the way that things you do make you feel.

You don’t check in every few hours. You don’t post daily photos to make sure people know you’re doing well because you don’t have time for that.

You’re way too busy enjoying your life.

And if you choose to post a picture, it is because you want to keep memories, not so you could get approval from others.

You have no problem traveling alone

Sure, you’re always up for good company, but you have no trouble packing your things and sailing off to the open seas alone because of your restless spirit.

You’re perfectly aware that there are more people like you in this world and that you’ll encounter many more of them down the road and see many amazing places, and you don’t want to miss any of that because there is nobody as spontaneous as you.

You don’t lock your spirit away and you don’t search for excuses. You’re one of those people who always find a way to make things work for them, and that’s why you’re perfectly complete.

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You are fine with being single

You like dating, but, unlike many, the single life doesn’t scare you. You don’t run from relationships, hookups, or any of those love-relationship kinds of things, but you’re perfectly fine on your own.

You don’t feel anything is missing when you’re not in a relationship, and you don’t let others create any kind of insecurities.

You don’t need to be married by thirty, and you don’t have to have a bunch of kids by 35. You give things in your life enough time, and many would kill to have your patience and confidence.

You’re comfortable with silence

 You don’t have to talk to be comfortable around people. Even if you’re sitting with complete strangers or with people that you’ve known for your whole life, you’d rather shut up than waste time on small talk.

You value the silence, and you have no trouble sitting in a coffee shop looking at passing strangers instead of staring at your phone.

You don’t wait on others for action

You were always the first one to jump into the pool in the middle of the night, you’re the one to call for tequila shots, and you are the first one to organize any kind of gathering with your friends.

You don’t wait for others to have fun in your life—fun comes along with you. You are a restless spirit, and people follow you everywhere.

You didn’t allow yourself to be dependent on anybody, and you decided to be in charge of your own happiness. If somebody comes along and turns out to be capable to keep up with you—that’s great.

But if not, you don’t put your life on hold. You live it to the fullest without waiting for anyone.