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You Just Want Attention!!! 6 Signs That You Are The Ultimate Attention Freak

You Just Want Attention!!! 6 Signs That You Are The Ultimate Attention Freak

It is human nature to seek attention from others. So, that drive is an integral part of each and every one of us. But some people seek attention more than others. When they really exaggerate, we consider them to be real attention freaks.

This can be very tiring for people around them. But usually, the attention freaks are unaware of this problem.

In order to realize this, we give you 6 obvious signs that somebody—or even you—might be an attention freak:

1. Continually uploading your photos on social media

You upload picture after picture on Facebook or other social media. Having the need for people to follow up on every new makeup edition or outfit look you are having that day.

2. Constantly ‘checks in’

You have the need to share your location with everybody all the time. Check in’s from time to time are OK, but you make it annoying. Your friends on Facebook have the sensation you checked in everywhere except your toilet.

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3. VIP welcome

When you go clubbing, you always demand VIP treatment. Expensive drinks are part of the repertoire. You wouldn’t be caught dead among common people.

4. The center of the world

If all eyes are not on you, especially when you are with your friends, you feel miserable. The best indicator of this sign is your friends starting to avoid you.

5. Compliment seeker

You need constant approval from others. If nobody compliments, you got to ask, “Do I look good?” “Am I pretty?” You need others to say you look good so you can feel good.

6. Ignoring your friends

You only want their company when it suits you. They are good friends to you—they listen to your problems and help you in times of need. They share your happiness. On the other hand, you are never there when they need you.

The last one is probably the most serious of all six. Not appreciating your friends will make you lose them. Show them you care, listen to them, and be attentive to their needs.

Ease up on your profile editing and use social media constructively—connect with friends and learn new things.

Reduce your check in’s when you are really on some special and meaningful new location or spending time with friends and family. Show them you cherish the time you are spending with them, and you are not thinking just about yourself.

Give emphasis to relevant things and reduce the superficial ones like new outfits, expensive drinks, and VIP treatment in clubs.

Be down to earth and try to improve your behavior.

Trust me—your life will change for the better.