“This is my bae for the rest of my life!”—and it’s all over in two weeks. I don’t need that kind of inconsistency in life.

I’ve noticed that my shower lasts longer than some relationships. They enjoy the time together, they love each other after a day or so, and they’ve already decided what’s the name of their dog (even though they aren’t getting a dog any time soon).

I don’t understand why some people rush to have it all instantly. There is no charm in that. Eventually, they get fed up with the person because they have already gotten everything—and I mean everything—at the very beginning, and there isn’t much left to show or give later on. #boring

This is not my jam and I can’t help it.

No- I don’t plan my future with you on the first date. No- you can’t see my phone, and no- you don’t get a ‘free entry’ whenever you want.

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I don’t get to be your best friend after a cup of coffee. I can’t let you in so easily and I don’t get too personal too soon.

It takes weeks for me to adjust to the idea of being with somebody, and by the time I get there, their feelings are already cooling off or they start acting like total jerks because I was the one acting like that from the beginning.—What the???

Well, sorry for not faking my feelings!

I don’t like drama. I don’t playing games and I don’t play by anybody’s rules. I am my own ‘man’.

I am grateful for everyone’s interest in me, but I only have admiration towards a few people out there.

I don’t want to answer to anyone and you don’t get to know who am I going out with and where I am every minute of the day if we’re not serious. You don’t get to do half of these things even if we’re serious because—boundaries, hellooo!

Nobody gets to tell me how I should behave, when and what I should eat. I get to chose what to do and where to go with my life.

I might sound a bit ruthless, but I just don’t let anyone dictate what to do with my life. I don’t roll with you if I don’t like you and I don’t want to give you all that you wish from me from the beginning. You need to earn your place in my life, you don’t get to be my bae instantly, and if that makes me a b*tch, it’s fine by me. I do not have a problem with that.

Here’s the deal—you’ll have to make me feel like I’m getting something better with you that’ll make me give up on my freedom because at this point of my life, being single is a bae.


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