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5 Things Hidden Behind A Narcissist’s Mask

5 Things Hidden Behind A Narcissist’s Mask

If you’ve ever been involved with a narcissistic person, you know how dangerous these people can be.

You’re perfectly aware that they have the power to ruin your mental and emotional health – that their actions leave inerasable scars on their victims.

However, the trick about narcissists is that they don’t appear as toxic as they really are when you first meet them.

Instead, people who suffer from NPD wear masks that help them hide their true selves.

These masks are actually the personalities narcissists create in order to fit into the world and to lure their victims with more ease.

1. A coward

Looking at things at first, you might think that your narcissist is a brave man. He represents himself as courageous – someone without fears and who gets the job done.

However, the truth is actually quite different. In fact, narcissists are the biggest cowards out there.

I’m not talking about the usual type of cowardice here.

It’s not that this man is scared of the dark or monsters under the bed.

The truth is that they’re emotionally weak and fragile.

However, instead of working on their issues, narcissists will do everything in their power to mask their cowardly nature and keep it under wraps.

Every narcissist’s biggest fear is that people will see his true personality.

That someone will see right through him and he’ll be exposed in front of the entire world.

At the end of the day, this man fears himself more than anyone else. He is terrified of his emotions he can’t control.

Also, he is a coward in terms of taking responsibility.

This man will rather run away from it all than face the consequences of his actions like a real grown up.

2. A liar

Whether we like to admit this or not, we all lie from time to time. We tell innocent, white lies that help us get out of certain situations.

Sometimes, we lie to protect our loved ones.

We hide the awful truth and present it differently because that’s the only way to stop another person’s heart from getting broken.

Even though lying is never acceptable, narcissists are not merely “regular” liars.

In fact, their entire lives are based on deception.

These people are compulsive liars. They use half truths and will only tell you the things that suit them.

3. A bully

You know those high school bullies you see in the movies?

Or maybe you experienced something like this back when you were younger.

Well, a narcissistic person is a prototype of a bully. However, that side of them is carefully hidden behind the mask.

When you first meet a narcissist, he will pretend to be your biggest supporter.

This man acts like his goal is to boost your self-esteem, when he’s actually doing the complete opposite.

He pretends that he wants to inspire you to become better. He convinces you that he is criticizing you for your own good.

Well, that’s a front. A narcissist is actually a bully who uses every opportunity he gets to humiliate his victims.

He will put you down and make you feel worthless. He will insult you and try hard to make you lose all of your self respect.

The reason why narcissists behave like this is actually pretty simple.

Putting his victim beneath him is the only way for this man to feel better about himself.

Deep down, he knows that he is the one who is not enough.

He knows that you’re better than him and he needs to remove that advantage of yours.

4. An attention seeker

Narcissists need attention the same way we need air. It is the most important thing that moves them and gives them fuel.

These people have the incredible urge to be under the spotlight.

They want to be recognized, since it’s the only way for them to feel significant and worthy.

Therefore, a narcissist always chooses his victims according to their reaction.

He is not interested in bullying someone who gives him no feedback.

This type of man believes that he is better than everyone else. However, he needs that confirmation.

He needs you to praise him. He needs his victim to admire him in order to feel valuable.

5. A manipulator

Finally, every narcissist is a manipulator. Even though he might appear as an honest person, he is actually doing everything he can to trick your mind into believing things that are not true.

This man will deceive you. He will gaslight you and he will turn the truth upside down.

Finally, he will make his victims feel guilty for the things he’s done to them.

He will twist their perception of reality and keep on manipulating them as long as he has the chance to.