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He Will Regret Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

He Will Regret Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

I know what he’s thinking! He’s thinking, “She’s a good woman; she’ll forgive me, she’ll work to get through this. Again.”

Well, I wouldn’t agree with that. Women are not quite like that.

He thinks that she’ll give him chance after a chance and keep putting up with his shit until he gets it together.

She won’t sacrifice her life waiting for him to ‘find himself’, to figure out what he wants. She’s not an idiot.

She doesn’t hate herself, and she doesn’t want to punish herself by waiting on a man who doesn’t know what he wants.

She needs someone who is sure about her. Someone who won’t think twice when it comes to her. She needs it, and she deserves it.

You know what? Life is not a movie and nothing ever happens like it happens in the movies.

She falls in love with him; he dumps her because she is too much for him at the moment; he is trying to find himself.

So, she grieves and loves him still, and then when he decides to come back, when he has an epiphany, she jumps into his arms, and they live happily ever after.

Hate to say it like this, but women today don’t buy that crap. They can give you a chance or two, but if you blow it, they are gone.

He obviously thought differently, and the consequence of that is hurting and regretting he ever let her go. Sadly for him, nothing he does will bring her back.

Women can really take a lot and put up with almost everything when they are in love. I know because I’ve been there, and I’ve done that.

When a woman falls in love, she doesn’t expect a man to be a done project, and, let’s say, a wrapped package ready to be unfolded.

She knows he will be a lot of work, but she fell in love with him because she saw potential.

She saw what kind of a man he could be, and she offered to be there to help him grow and become a better person. Because she knows he can if he just tries a bit harder.

She offered her unconditional love. She offered to be there for him, but he took advantage of that like most men do.

Why can’t there be someone who’ll take this chance and become better? Why aren’t there men who’ll see that the woman they are dating is the best thing that ever happened to them?

Why does it always have to end up with her broken heart and him regretting he acted like a piece of shit? Only then, it’s too late to bring her back because she doesn’t care anymore.

She’s learned her lesson.

Women put up with so much when it comes to men.

Why do you think most of them stay in abusive relationships? Why would anyone in their right mind put up with manipulations and mind games?

Well, some women do. Some of them have so much patience and believe so hard that he is going to change.

They invest their emotions and their sanity in trying to help him and bring him to the right path.

Usually this doesn’t end well, and it leaves her broken, on the verge of completely falling apart.

And for what? For trying to help someone be a better person. And that’s her reward?

The truth is, when a man screws up chance after a chance, she will leave without looking back. Because, when a woman is done, she’s done. There is no way back.

She will miss him, but she won’t come back to him. She is way smarter than that. And when this happens, when he realizes that his life was so much better with her in it, he’ll want her back.

He’ll want her back, and he’ll try to do anything to succeed. He’ll change. He’ll become more responsible.

He’ll basically do everything she’s been asking for so long. But that isn’t going to cut it. Nothing he does will make her change her mind.

No one in their right mind would come back to something they’ve fought to run away from.

Only a completely insane person would come running back to lying, manipulating and faking promises.

Usually, when men face this kind of emotional obstacle, they begin blaming their failures of getting back the women they’ve lost on something else completely.

They comfort themselves by saying that she was never the right woman for them. If she was meant to be, she would have stayed.

But deep down, they know it’s not true.

Now that he is all alone, he sees how much she was worth. He has realized that she was there for him when he hit rock bottom.

She was there for him when he needed support and a shoulder to cry on.

He never respected that, and he never saw how hard she was trying.

Every other woman he meets will never live up to her. Those future women will never be remotely close to the one he didn’t appreciate.

Any other will only love him at his best, but when the problems come rushing in and when things aren’t that great, she’ll leave him because she doesn’t love him enough to stay.

In those moments, he’ll be so sorry that he let her go. In those moments, he’ll realize what he had and what he lost.

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