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7 Breakup Mistakes You Should Under No Circumstances Make

7 Breakup Mistakes You Should Under No Circumstances Make

Breakups are painful, but sometimes they are indeed inevitable. Sometimes, the only right decision is to end the relationship with your partner.

Then comes the difficult part. You have to think of the easiest way to tell this to the other person.

Always keep in mind that you have to be gentle with them because you can break their heart.

There is truly never a right way to break up with someone.

People have different reasons to end things with their partner and that makes all breakups different, too.

However, there are certain things that will always make it even harder.

1. Don’t use the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse

Sad man and woman couple talking while sitting on sofa

This is probably the lamest excuse ever. Perhaps it really is you, but you aren’t breaking up with yourself, you’re breaking up with another person and you owe them an explanation.

It sounds like a lie. No one will ever believe you dumping them has nothing to do with them.

They’ll be confused and it will greatly affect their self-esteem.

Using this awful line won’t help to make your breakup any less painful.

Instead, you should have an honest talk with your partner and explain to them why you need to end things.

2. Don’t wait too long

hands of woman tearing photo of happy couple

Maybe you stopped loving your partner, yet you still care for them and want to break up with them as painlessly as possible.

But it seems like you can never find the right time to do so.

Each time you plan to break up, something happens and you think things will get better.

The harsh reality is that procrastinating the breakup will never make it easier.

Postponing it won’t help anyone. You should only put it off if you aren’t completely sure whether breaking up is your only option.

3. Don’t break up via text message

Sad girl holding smartphone in one hand sitting on a sofa

You should NEVER break up with someone via text message.

No matter what the circumstances are, breakups always have to be in person.

Not only will you hurt your partner more, but you’ll also show them that you don’t respect them at all.

Also, you have to give them a chance to ask you what went wrong. However, if you still choose to break up with them via text message, here is the list of break-up text messages you might find helpful.

4. Don’t justify your feelings

Man and woman arguing outdoors during daytime

Yes, you should explain to the other person the reason for you splitting up with them. But you have the right to stop loving someone and you should never try to justify the fact that your feelings have changed.

The only thing you have to do is be honest with your partner and tell them how things are.

It’s better to end things on time than to be stuck in a relationship with someone you don’t love anymore.

5. Don’t think about your mutual friends

Sad woman thinking while sitting outdoors

You are afraid to part ways with your partner because you hang out in the same circles.

You think that if you end the relationship, all your friends will take your partner’s side or it would be awkward for them to hang out with both of you. You are afraid that you might be lonely.

Don’t worry if some of them decide not to hang out with you anymore.

Real friends will always be there for you. They’ll be a great support for both of you, to get over it as soon as possible.

6. Don’t suggest staying friends

Black and white close up of man and woman

Trust me, the person who is being dumped never wants to stay friends with their partner immediately after the breakup.

Don’t even think of suggesting that.

They need time to grieve and to heal because the breakup hurt them.

Maybe once they move on, they’ll be ready to be friends with you, but they’ll need time to heal properly first.

It is the lamest comfort ever. It’s like you said: You can’t date me but you can be friends with me.

And those “friendships” are the most awkward ones.

7. Don’t immediately start dating someone new

Man and woman talking on the table

If you start dating someone new right after the breakup, your partner might think that you’ve cheated them with that person while still in a relationship with them.

You also need some time after the relationship ends. Pay more attention to your dreams and goals.

Rushing into a new relationship is always a bad idea.

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