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5 Things To Say To Your Partner To Keep Your Relationship Alive

5 Things To Say To Your Partner To Keep Your Relationship Alive

The very beginning of every love relationship is always filled with happiness. The love sparks are everywhere, and happiness seems to be endless. But love relationships do not only include happy moments.

There are times when dissatisfaction happens, and couples forget about how much they truly care for each other. Maybe your partner is too busy at work, so they do not have time to spend with you or maybe your relationship seems to have made no progress.

Anyways, when this happens, it is very important for both sides to make efforts. Love is not one-sided, and nothing will change if both don’t work towards making their relationship better.

Sometimes even a simple act of kindness can help partners feel better about themselves.

Here are some things you can say to keep your relationship alive:

1. I am proud of you!

Often, we forget to remind our loved ones how proud we are of all the things that they have done. They feel unappreciated if we forget to notice things that they worked hard for. A simple, “I am proud of you!” can brighten their day and make them feel appreciated and loved.

2. I miss you!

This is a sentence that will evoke old memories. It will remind you of the long conversations that you used to have together. It will remind you of the peaceful walks around the park when you were holding each other’s hands.

It will remind you of the time when you fell in love.

Evoking memories is a powerful thing. It will make you lighten up that old flame that was fading away with time.
“I miss you!” will make your partner want to do the same things both of you enjoyed doing together when times were happier.

3. You look amazing!

When was the last time you paid a compliment to your partner?
Do you even notice when your partner gets a different hairstyle or when they change their cologne?A good relationship requires compliments.

Your partner wants to look great for you, and they want to be told they look good. Don’t let their efforts go to waste!
“You look amazing!” can do wonders.

4. Thank you!

Gratitude is a virtue. When your partner runs errands or does some chores around the house, saying genuinely that you are grateful for that will make his heart skip a beat.

It will make him feel important. It will make him feel like you are his person to run to when things go wrong just because of the very fact that you don’t ignore the things he does well and that you are ready to say it out loud.

Try it out, and watch the marvels of the words “thank you”.

5. We are in this together!

All couples go through difficult phases in their relationship. Sometimes it is financial problems that occur. Sometimes it is the death of relatives, and sometimes it is a love problem.

Your partner needs to be sure that you will be there for him when the tough times arrive. He needs to know that you will never give up on him no matter what happens.

The thought of having you for the good and for the bad will make him peaceful. He will appreciate that he can rest assured that he will never have to face anything bad on his own.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these and you’ll see that your relationship will take the right turn.