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5 Things You Should Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

5 Things You Should Know Before Loving A Girl With A Toxic Ex

When you meet a good girl who’s gotten out of a bad relationship, you’ll see that she is special and that you can’t treat her like everyone else.

At first, you might feel like she doesn’t believe in love and as if she is doing everything in her power to push you away.

But when you get a closer look, you’ll see that her behavior is nothing more than a defense mechanism.

You’ll see that this girl’s personality has many layers, waiting to be discovered.

Most of all—you’ll see that she is worthy of your love, time and energy.

The truth is that this girl is vulnerable and scared and you have to treat her with special care and delicacy.

And this is why we are giving you 5 things every girl who had a toxic ex would wish you to know.

She’s been through hell and back

Before you get yourself involved with this type of girl, beware of the fact that she has been through some horrible things and that she’s experienced more pain than you could ever handle.

But she rose from the ashes of her broken heart and it made her stronger than ever.

The guy she loved more than anything didn’t manage to break her into pieces but everything he did changed her for good.

So please, have this in mind if you think about crushing her heart all over again or if you think about playing with her.

Trust me that this girl will see right through your intentions and if you don’t plan on treating her right, don’t even bother entering her life.

He is an ex for a reason

Even though this guy changed her to the bones, there is absolutely no freakin’ chance that she would ever go back to him.

You should never feel intimidated by the depth of her love for him because that is just a part of the past.

This girl realized everything he was doing to her and that is exactly why she walked away from him.

He is an ex for a reason and you have nothing to worry about.

She has trust issues

Another thing you should know about dating a girl with a toxic ex is that she has serious trust issues.

When you first meet her, she’ll doubt every single word you say and she’ll question your intentions.

Sometimes, when you talk to her, you’ll feel like you are being interrogated and judged because she is literally examining you.

Her experience taught her that all men are the same and consequently, she assumes that you are just here to hurt her as well. So she needs to be careful about trusting you.

Even when you act like the best boyfriend in the world, she’ll be suspicious and she’ll look for some hidden agenda of yours.

This is the girl who will always wait for you to show your true colors and a girl who will be afraid to expect too much of you so she doesn’t get disappointed.

She won’t chase you

This girl isn’t cocky nor does she enjoy playing hard to get. She doesn’t want you pursuing her or running after her just so she can feel better about herself.

But she won’t chase you either because she doesn’t want to keep in her life anyone who doesn’t want to be in it.

She won’t beg for your undivided attention or love because she’s had enough of that bullshit.

This girl won’t be the only one putting in all effort and the only one trying, even if she falls for you hard.

She knows that she doesn’t need you and that she can make it without you, no matter how much she cares about you.

She is guarded

Another thing you might expect when falling for a girl with a toxic ex is that she’ll be guarded.

It is not that she is heartless—this is just one of her ways of protecting herself from another heartbreak.

The truth is that this girl is scared of loving again because she connects love with pain.

Even when she grows to love you, she won’t admit it just like that. Instead, she’ll appear to be way tougher than she really is and she’ll do everything in her power to keep her soft heart to herself.

She’ll never relax and show her true emotions until she sees that you deserve to see them.

Most of all, she’ll hide her vulnerabilities and weaknesses out of fear that you’ll use them against her as soon as possible.

You’ll have to put in a lot of patience and energy before this girl finally lets you in completely.

She’s been building thick and high walls around her heart for quite some time and you’ll have to be pretty damn special to tear them down.