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This Is Why The People Who Overthink Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

This Is Why The People Who Overthink Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

They probably told you that overthinking kills relationships.

You’ve heard that being in a relationship with an overthinker is like a lifelong sentence of explaining yourself and watching your tone because your overthinking partner might confuse it for something else and not for what you meant.

Let me tell you that whoever told you that needs a reality check.

If you have a partner who overthinks situations and knows the end result for every possible scenario, you actually have someone on your side who is more than capable of loving and your best relationship is going to be with them.

I know that might sound weird but please believe me. There are a few things you need to know about an overthinker.

An overthinker will never make you feel unloved.

They know the feeling of not being good enough for someone and they don’t want to make anyone feel like that.

If an overthinker loves you, you are a lucky person because your partner will do anything to make you feel happy.

There is nothing that’s too hard for them to do if they truly love you.

An overthinker will never let you go.

Because of the fact that they overthink situations, they know that there’s always a possibility of making things work and that there’s always a way to improve things.

Overthinkers use their imagination to imagine all the outcomes and they see that both of you will get hurt if you are separated and they don’t want that.

They want happiness and security and that’s what you’ll get as well.

The thing is that an overthinker cares.

Sometimes even a bit too much. But they truly care and that’s why they can’t sleep at night.

Your overthinking partner probably can’t control the thoughts that are swimming around in their head because they really do give a damn.

That’s the magic that hides behind the smile of an overthinker.

An overthinker will give you everything!

They don’t have any shame when it comes to giving themselves away to others and that’s something you need to cherish.

They give everything they have and everything they are to the person they love and they don’t hold back.

In their eyes it’s not a bad thing because they know that love awaits them.

I myself am an overthinker and I know how hard it is for people to understand us.

To them, we are scary because of the dedication we have toward things in our lives and the way we handle situations.

But those people don’t know the love and the care that hides behind all those thoughts.

We overthink because we are scared of losing someone we are deeply passionate about and we don’t want to make them feel like they are not enough.

Because believe me, we have felt like that more often than not.

An overthinker notices the little things.

We notice the way you say our name, the way you smile when you are uncomfortable and the way you touch your lips when you get nervous.

We see everything because we love those little parts of a personality more than those that are shown to everyone else.

An overthinker will apologize.

We don’t even have to think about this because we know when we make a mistake and we know how to make it up to you.

We know that saying sorry is crucial to making someone feel better and to continue our relationship.

This is all about loving and deeply caring.

Overthinkers are not a burden, so don’t be scared to love them. Sometimes it is stressful because we are blunt, bold but also very beautiful.

We don’t hold back anything. Especially not love! When we find the love of our life, the love we’ve been looking for, we won’t let it go.

There is no way in hell we will let any of our loved ones be lonely, sad or angry, without at least trying to make them feel better.

These are all the reasons your best relationship will be with an overthinker.

Don’t get distracted by our seemingly clingy personality or the little outbursts of jealousy.

When you start a relationship with an overthinker, you will see that we are far more than that and you will begin to love us in ways that you found to be impossible before.

You may get offended by the way we overthink everything you do and say but it’s only because we care. I promise you!