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The Best Women Never Settle, No Matter What

The Best Women Never Settle, No Matter What

They’ve been played before by men who run from commitment as if it’s going to kill them.

First place in the life of someone they cared for wasn’t meant for them, they always came second.

They’ve been used, manipulated and taken for granted. Until enough was enough and they couldn’t take it anymore.

The truth is, the best women never settle because they’ve made that mistake in the past and they won’t repeat it ever again.

They won’t go back to giving chances to someone who treats them as a stop along the way.

They all had that in the past, a man who came by only when he found it convenient, when he was feeling lonely and when he was in need of a woman’s touch.

worried woman looking at distance

They are sick and tired of feeling excluded from the life of the man they care for, never meeting the people that matter to him the most, never being a part of his everyday life.

If he isn’t showing that he has the best intentions to stay, they will wave him goodbye and refuse to waste a minute of their precious time on him.

They made an oath to themselves that they will never accept less than they deserve and they will honor it till the end.

They got tired and they realized it’s pointless to chase, fight and try for someone who isn’t doing the same for them.

They need reciprocity and they are aware that a relationship can’t function without it.

They learned the hard way that sometimes they have to put aside their feelings and remember what they deserve.

sad woman in deep thoughts

They know better now than to ignore their instincts.

When something feels off, it’s definitely off, all those lonely nights they spent wondering where he was, with whom and why the hell it was so hard to send a simple text taught them that.

They rely on their gut, they don’t turn a blind eye anymore when they see red flags and no matter how harsh and painful the truth might be, they prefer it because it saves them from future heartache.

They don’t allow anyone to play with their emotions.

They have been pursued by men who had the intention of getting into their pants and nowhere near their heart.

They have been told they were loved, they heard all the nicest fairy tales and the next moment they felt the excruciating pain of being backstabbed and betrayed.

sad woman looking through the rainy window

They don’t wear their heart on their sleeves anymore, it’s guarded now. It has a defense system that can’t be breached so easily.

Only an honest and kind man who proves his love with actions instead of words can come close.

Only he can win her heart and make her feel safe.

They weren’t as emotionally strong in the past as they are now but it’s remarkable how pain can become your ally.

They have been treated as if they weren’t enough.

Someone they cared for did their best to convince them that they were small and insignificant so he could manipulate them and make himself feel big.

man yelling at crying woman

They’ve been through hell and back.

That’s why never again will they allow a man to mess with their mind.

They know who they are, how strong, independent and genuine they’ve become because of everything they’ve been through.

You see, the best women are brave and intelligent women who are not afraid to wait; they are more scared of ending up with the wrong person.

Settling because their loneliness becomes overbearing sometimes is not an option.

lonely woman sitting at sunset on the pier

They know how the wrong man can ruin their life more than loneliness ever would.

They learned their lessons well.

They have enough courage to wait for the love they deserve.

Mutual love, mutual efforts, mutual investments of two people who are committed to staying together and making things work is all that they want and they will never settle for anything less than that.

The Best Women Never Settle, No Matter What