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These are the 5 UNDENIABLE Signs He’s Flirting With You

These are the 5 UNDENIABLE Signs He’s Flirting With You

I know how confusing it can be getting straight whether he is flirting with you or not.

When you really like someone, you have those warm and tickly butterflies in your stomach and you can’t wait to see that person again.

Interpreting the signs if someone likes you or not can be more complicated than pretty much anything.

Anything that has to do with the person you like has a heavier weight because you like them.

You end up thinking about literally every word your crush has said and you usually make a big deal out of nothing—you end up flirting with that person, convinced he likes you, and you end up embarrassing yourself.

So, there are two possible outcomes: either you suck at flirting or you suck at picking up signals when someone is flirting with you so you misinterpret them.

To be sure to avoid these awkward situations, read these signs that will tell you whether he’s flirting with you or it’s all in your imagination.

1. He’s giving you ‘The Smile’

This is not any kind of a smile. This is that special smile that is meant for you and only you. We all smile differently.

We all have that special something glowing in us when we smile because we are happy and that happiness is shining through.

When he smiles at you, he will shine. He will have that special glow in his eyes that will show you he is into you with no doubt.

2. He glimpses you

In any situation that is given to him, he will take a glimpse at you. Whatever he is doing, or you are, he will find a way to take a short and sweet look at you.

Sometimes your eyes meet just for a second and you smile to each other.

These short sweet looks are undeniable signs he is flirting with you but he’s still too shy to take any action. Be patient!

3. You catch him staring

Sometimes these short looks grow into something more serious. He’s so into you that he loses his sense of time.

His second of looking at you is much longer in reality. And that’s when you catch him staring.

And one more thing, pay attention to his eyes. If he’s looking at your eyes directly, it means he’s in for some serious stuff—he’s really interested in you.

4. He accidentally touches you

Guys who are interested in you will find a way to make a physical connection. They will find a way to touch you, ‘accidentally’.

He may hit you gently on your hand if you told a funny joke, or he may lean over you to get something and, once again, touch you accidentally. Touching is a form of making a deep connection.

It can also turn him or you on, but remember this—if he is looking for reasons to touch you, he is definitely into you.

5. He’s looking at your mouth

Every time he talks to you, he is looking at your lips. If he really has a crush on you, he will look at your lips and can’t help but wonder: “What would it be like to kiss those sweet, warm sensual lips?”

And believe me, you will notice it and you will see right through him and what he’s thinking. And let me tell you—you will be right!