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When A Guy Has A Crush On You, He Always Says These Words

When A Guy Has A Crush On You, He Always Says These Words

How to tell if a guy likes you? This is the big question.

Some guys are straightforward, some are confusing. Figuring them out can prove difficult.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a handbook that could tell you outright: “when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words?”

Every guy is different, so knowing the exact words might be impossible. What we can do, however, is tell you what he’s trying to say, whichever words he chooses.

Keep reading to understand how to decipher his clues.

When A Guy Has A Crush On You, He Always Says These Words (In His Own Way)

Do you have a secret crush?

Wondering if he likes you back is sometimes half the fun, but it can get tiring after a while. You want to know for sure if he likes you, but guess what? He could be in the same situation.

If he’s not sure how you feel, your crush might be trying to show you his feelings. In a roundabout way, he’s letting you know he likes you, hoping you’ll catch on.

When a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words in some way or another.

1. Stay by my side.

How do you know for sure a guy likes you? He wants you around.

• He wants to spend time with you, so he looks for any reason to make it happen. He could simply say, “Let’s hang out,” or think of something for the two of you to do.

• He might mention his favorite spot in town and say, “I have to take you there sometime.”

• That hobby you’ve always wanted to take up… it just so happens he’s good at it. “I’ll show you how to do it!”

A guy who has a crush on you wants you physically close, so when you meet up, he’ll offer, “Sit next to me,” or ask to sit beside you.

• He wants you in his life, so he’ll make plans that include you. It’s not just curiosity if he asks, “What are you doing this weekend?”; he wants you to spend time with him.

• If he says, “A friend of mine is having a party, would you like to come?” he’s trying to introduce you to his friends. This is a great sign that a guy likes you.

2. We are connected.

One of the telltale signs a guy has a crush on you is when he feels like there is a connection between you.

• He might say, “You get me,” because he wants you to know that he feels comfortable around you. Love is understanding, and he’s on the way there.

• If you disagree with him, he quickly changes his mind. It doesn’t take a relationship expert to know that if he cares about what you think, he likes you.

• He might say, “I’m the same,” if he feels a connection between you. Your similarities might make him feel like there could be something good between you.

• He might open up to you because he feels like you won’t judge him. “You’re the first person I’ve told this to.”

“I feel like I can tell you anything.” If you become good friends and you become able to share your thoughts and feelings with each other, there’s no better foundation for a happy relationship.

3. You make me crazy.

When a guy teases you, he’s either relaxed around you or doesn’t know how else to express his affection. Either way, he likes you.

• When he says, “You’re annoying,” when you do something that he pretends he doesn’t like, he can’t keep a smile off his face.

“That’s hilarious,” he says, and you said something mildly funny. If a guy laughs at everything you say, he has a crush on you.

• His long-suffering, “Hurry up,” doesn’t mean he wouldn’t wait for you for another hour if that’s what it takes.

• When you do something he thinks is cute, but pretends he doesn’t, he might say, “You always do that,” with a shake of his head. He’s really trying to tell you that you’re adorable.

It’s a good sign if he makes fun of you as long as it’s good-natured, and he stops if you ask him to. He does it because it’s the easiest way to keep the interaction lighthearted.

4. I’m here for you.

A guy who likes you wants to take care of you. He’ll be your best friend and let you know that he’ll do anything for you.

• It may be something as simple as “Take my jacket” when you’re outside and it gets cold. A guy who has a crush on you will want to show you his attention and care.

“What do you need?” he’ll ask when he notices that something bothers you. Whether you’re looking for something, need a ride, or you have to do something difficult, he wants you to know he’s there to lend a hand.

• If you’re having a hard time, he might ask, “How can I help?” He wants to be your hero and protect you from anything bad.

• When a guy who likes you sees you in distress, he wants to know, “Are you ok?” Your well-being is important, so he’s letting you know that he’s ready to help you if he can.

5. You’re beautiful.

It’s not surprising that a guy who has a crush on you is attracted to you. He might not come out and openly say it, but he’ll pay you a compliment at any chance he gets.

• He’ll admire your features and say things like, “Your eyes are pretty,” or, “I like your smile.” When a guy likes a girl, he sees the details of her face and every one of them makes her more beautiful in his eyes.

“You look great,” he might say. Compliments about your body will usually be nonspecific because he doesn’t want you to feel like he’s only interested in you physically.

This is why the occasional “You look sexy” might shock you, but pay attention to the inevitable blush that accompanies it.

“I like your style,” he might say. When he appreciates the way you express yourself through your clothes, he shows you he likes the way you take care of yourself.

When a boy likes you, he thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. He cares about your thoughts, and he’ll pay compliments about the things you say, too.

6. I want to know everything about you.

Before he makes the first move, a guy who likes you will show you that he pays close attention to you because you matter to him.

• He’ll show interest in things you like. He might ask, “What’s your favorite thing?” and immediately start liking it, too.

“What do you like to do?” he’ll want to know, and find a way to do it with you. He’ll show you that he’s ready to make an effort when it comes to you.

• Your opinions carry weight. “What do you think?” isn’t small talk. A guy who wants to show that he can love you cares about your mind and your heart.

• When you mention something you like in a guy, he’ll immediately let you know that he’s just like that. He wants you to know that he’s a candidate for your love.

“What are you into?” he’ll ask you, and your answers will matter to him. Important things and little things… he’ll remember details about you.

How Do Guys Act When They Have A Crush? 10 Obvious Signs

There are some sure signs a guy likes you, but isn’t ready to make a move yet. These signs are subtle touches, deep eye contact, and similar.

Now, you understand that when a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words: “I like you, but I can’t say it out loud.”

Besides the things he says, there are some sure giveaways in the ways he acts:

1. He’s different around you than when in a group setting. This is because he considers your time together a comfort zone.

2. He likes to roughhouse with the rest of his friends, but around you, he’s a gentle shy guy.

3. His friends move away when the two of you are talking, and you’ll catch them making fun of him.

4. If anyone asks him if he likes you, his response is blushing and denial. Not so subtle signs that he actually does.

5. He’s always looking at you whether it’s to listen to you talk, to see if you’re laughing after he said something funny, or just because you’re the center of his attention.

The only time he’s not looking at you is when you’re looking at him. His true feelings are in his eyes.

6. He’ll find any reason to touch you. Fingers grazing when he hands you something or a hand on the small of your back when you’re passing by, touching is a sure sign that he has a crush.

7. He’ll give you thoughtful gifts. When he pays attention to what you do and say, he’ll know exactly what you’ll like.

8. His body language is obvious. Eye contact, leaning closer, helpless smiles, mirroring your moves, fidgeting — all of these show his interest.

9. He shows off for you. Flaunting his skills and looks to impress you and looking at your reaction is one of the subtle ways to recognize that a guy has a crush.

10. He’s eager to communicate with you. He’ll look for any reason to contact you. He’ll text back quickly, initiate a conversation and keep it going, and he will like your posts on social media.

In Conclusion

When a guy has a crush on you, he always says these words: “I like you.” Yet, often, he doesn’t put it that way.

Putting yourself out there can be risky. Being upfront about feelings is daunting for anyone, and the things he wants to say can sometimes seem like they’re too much.

So, he shows you and tells you indirectly, hoping you’ll understand what he wants you to know.

You’re now ready to figure out which of his words and actions are clear signs that he likes you. So, go out there and enjoy yourself!