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There’s A Reason Why God Brings You Closer To Some People And Then Lets Them Leave

There’s A Reason Why God Brings You Closer To Some People And Then Lets Them Leave

Now that I look back on my life, everything makes more sense. All the people who entered my life were there for a purpose. Sadly, some of them were never meant to stay.

I can’t say that I was always too eager to understand the reasons why God brings us so close to some people and lets them disappear from our life.

It just didn’t make any sense to me.

How can the same person bring you so much joy and so much sadness? How can someone toss your love away like it’s nothing? Why does life get so cruel at times?

So many questions and just one answer: God always has a plan and a reason for doing things; we just might not always understand it.  

But we will understand one day. Maybe we are just not ready at this point. It will all start to make sense to us once we start having a bit more faith, once we are able to see that God’s plans are always greater than our wishes.

You see, some people are just a chapter in your life and they don’t get to see how your story ends.

Their part in your story was limited and it had to end. They played their part well, they were your safety belt that made some period of your life easier. They were the rainbow after the storm.

Some people were your temporary happiness, they were never meant to stay. They were never meant to be ‘your forever’.

‘Your forever’ will be so much more and all the love and emotions will be magnified so much that you will finally realize that all you felt before doesn’t even come close to what you feel for this person now.

Some people are there to teach us what love is not and never should be.

Not all lessons are mild. Some might even seem borderline cruel but they were inevitable. We couldn’t escape rough patches or poor excuses for human beings who went in and out of our life because otherwise we wouldn’t know the real value of the good ones.

We can say or believe that we would value the goodness if it was all that we knew but the truth is we would take it for granted.

You see, the thing with good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark, is that you can’t truly know one without the other.

It’s the dark days that shape you. It’s your tears that make you stronger. It’s your faith that keeps you going forward when you think that there’s nowhere else to go.  

It lifts you up and it reminds you that you are always stronger than you think. It reminds you that you are important too and that all the love you have been giving to others you actually owe to yourself too.

You grow and learn from the bad days so you can enjoy the sunshine and bliss of the good ones.

And no, life might not always be fair but it’s always worth it. It always has some amazing surprises, ones you never even could have imagined, waiting for you just around the corner.

Maybe a heart is meant to be broken so the pieces could be assembled differently. So that love, true love, could find a stronger and self-loving heart it yearns for.

Maybe it all had to go down this way so you could learn lessons that couldn’t be taught any other way. And even though it’s hard and painful, you will end up thanking God for the rough patches and the wrong people because they made you—YOU.

They sent you on your soul’s journey and placed you on the right path of finding that one person who was made just for you.

Maybe all you need to do is trust that God always has something better in store for you than you could ever wish for yourself.